Confession: I Just Saw the Craziest PDA!

passionate_kiss_closeup1photo by The Prophet

Yesterday’s Wise Guy PDA question reminded Chris DiClerico of something he saw this past summer. He swears on everything that is holy that this is true:

I had to go to midtown for a business meeting in a building on 51st and 6th Ave. I arrived about 20 minutes early, so I sat waiting in this courtyard sitting area outside the building, literally on the corner of the block. You know the building, Heartland Brewery is right there. Anyway, I am sitting there playing the Mafia Live game on my iPhone when I notice a young Hispanic couple, mid-twenties, making out a stone table just to my left. I glanced over and they were going at it. Her ass was pressed against the table and he was pressed up close, grinding into her. They were kissing and touching a little bit, but nothing outrageous. So I looked down and attacked a rival crime family on the iPhone and tried to ignore it.

After a few minutes I looked up again, and had to do a double-take. She was giving him a full-on, enthusiastic handjob right in the open. I nearly lost it. While trying to figure out how to snap a photo without losing my place in the game, they became aware that myself, and dozens of people around had been watching them. I guess public passion got the best of them, and they packed it up quickly.

Right in front of where I sat, there was a big support column for the building. Instead of leaving the area to go home to enjoy each others’ company, the couple moved to this area, within 15 feet of where I was sitting….

Instead of continuing their public foreplay, they decided to go all the way. Yes, that is correct. I sat there pretending to play Mafia Live and send text messages while this couple starts fucking against the column. He tore her fishnet stockings, pressed her up against the column, and found a way to make it happen, over and over, and over again. Literally, right there on the corner of 51st St. and 6th Ave. I swear this is true.

So they are now fucking right in front of me, and I am watching out of the corner of my eye and trying unsuccessfully to take a photo. All of sudden, they snap back to reality and separate from each other,
fumbling with their clothes, and getting out of there in a rush. They scrambled across the street as four security guards came out of the revolving doors yelling. I forgot to mention that their backs were
directly facing the huge lobby of the building, so not only was the whole courtyard watching, but so was everybody inside and at the security desk. As the guards yelled, “We have the whole thing on camera,” I looked up to see a little glass domed security camera right above where they were doing it. Amazing.

So I just sat there and the security guard looks at me and laughs. Then a middle-aged woman who had been sitting in the courtyard the whole time got up and walked past. She turned to me as she passed and said, “You never know what you’re going to see in this city.”

“You got that right…”

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OMG, I wish tha was me and my boyfriend; I love public sex!


could of been a prostitute he was fucking.


Damn sum people r jus disgusting i mean yh i would hv watched 2 me as a woman hell yh dats disrespect no matter how horny i felt i would have try 2 resist da urge!


Damn I gotta get into the city more LoL


Frankly, I wish I saw it. I hadn’t heard about it and I work IN the building. Dang. I’m only writing though because Erin’s comment confused me. She wrote that stuff like this is partially why she gives her seat to “no one” on the subway. Just after saying that people have no respect for other people? I give up my seat all the time. And not always because someone wants to have sex in it.

miss georgia

I had sex in downtown Savannah once. And in a car, parked on the street in New York City. I had a boyfriend back then who was a bit on the exhib side – and I guess I liked it too! Every now and then, I sort of miss it…


Wish I’d been there. I would of watched too, haha. And maybe even join. *coughcough*