Confession: The Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Naked

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Our intern Alyssa Perez has a confession to make:

1.  No Constraints: Do a lunge!   Kick your legs!  Spin in a circle while swinging your arms!  Feel that?  Yeah, just air.  No clothes rustling, no bra pinching, no underwear bunching, just air.

2.  Transparency: I can see absolutely everything on my body, and you know what?  That roll that I thought I had peeking out of the top of my jeans while I was bent over in a weird yoga position while trying to reach my pencil that rolled under the bed and between the wall/headboard/dresser… well, its not there at all!  Yeah, I look pretty damn good without any waistbands pinching me!

3.  BOOBIES!: Yes, although I have owned a pair for over a decade now, I am still amazed by how these babies jiggle, and wiggle, and squish, and feel.  Look at them in all their glory!  No wonder men love these.   I love these!

6.  Yes, Jiggling Is a Good Thing: I mentioned how fantastic jiggling boobs are, well, jiggling in general can be awesome.  Just jump around next time you’re naked and see  how wonderful it is to feel your body moving without restraints.  Your hair bouncing around, your boobs flopping, your ass shaking, even your awesome thighs rippling as they support your leaps!

4.  New Sensations: Wandering around naked makes you appreciate the same old things in new ways.    You thought that throw you just bought for the futon was soft?  Well let me tell you… throw that baby around your bare shoulders while naked – now THAT is soft.

5.  Learn to be Adventurous Like Never Before: Remember when you wanted to be just like Ariel one day?  Well the first time I went skinny dipping, I was a mermaid – and a damn sexy one too!  Who knew that a bikini stood between me and pure adrenaline-pumping freedom?  No wonder that saucy little Ariel wasn’t afraid of sharks, went treasure-hunting, and risked everything for true love without a second thought – being naked in water makes you feel invincible, powerful, and beautiful!

7.  Check Out Those Muscles: When you’re naked you can actually see the strength of your body.  Turn around and look at your claves as you go up on your tippy toes – WHOA!!  Look how strong you are!  Check out your butt while you’re up there!  Damn Girl – its tight!  Who knew you were so strong?! I’m not talking about rippling muscles that only trainers, athletes, and body builders have – I’m talking about how strong your body has to be just to get you out of bed in the morning or down the stairs.  Shoot, my boyfriend has ridiculously strong toes that never cease to amaze me (seriously, when the remote for the TV is just too far for my arm to reach, Kevin’s toe powers are truly life-saving).  Everyone has their own secret-body strength.

8.  Slathering Yourself with Love (AKA: Body Lotion): There’s just something sacred about my relationship with my body lotion.  Buddhists have their controlled breathing to help them meditate, Whirling Dervishes have their well… whirling.  I have that moment in the morning or after a shower where I slather on my body lotion.  As I rub my coconut oil on my naked body I just think about the strength I have in me, in this body, and prepare myself for the day ahead.  It’s a moment to slow myself down and remember who I am and what I’m capable of, and it happens when I’m butt naked!

9.  Discovery: One of the coolest things about being naked is that you discover new things on your body that you never knew were there!  When I was little I sat on a pile of sharpened pencils and the other day I re-discovered a lead mark that has been on my butt cheek since that fateful day. Around the corner from this lead scar is my newly-discovered favorite mole and north of that mole is a freckle by my collarbone that is the mirror-image to a freckle my boyfriend has on his collarbone.  This body-map is constantly changing and surprising me in wonderful ways! Sometimes, though, a body-landmark can be the forebearer of dire news – which is why taking the time to really look at your glorious, naked form is not only fun but also just-plain-healthy.  When you take the time to really look at yourself and learn your body you’ll be more likely to notice an irregular mole that could be pre-cancerous or other physical signs of a budding ailment.  Who knew playing your own doctor could be so sexy though?!

10.  Self-Possession: When I’m naked I truly understand what being self-possessed really means to me.  This body, my body, is that – its mine!  Its something that only I know all the curves to, all the weak spots, all the kick-ass, strong spots – mine, all mine.  Even if someone accidently sees me naked or tries to cop a feel – they’ll never know me the way I know me.  I can share this knowledge with someone I love, but without me to guide them, there’s no way anyone else will get to see and feel what I get to see and feel every day.


  1. i go naked on hot summer days i go streaking i have done that a lot it feels good i found when i’m naked i can run faster the cool morning air against my naked skin feels good

  2. in my 20s I would walk along the shoulder of the road nude the people passing me in cars could see me it felt great it was so liberating being seen nude by other people I grew up in a home where going nude was taboo I love being nude alone or in front of people I was so lucky I did not get arrested for public nudity

  3. I am 76 years old and I hike naked every chance I get. There is a creek bed near our and I go there but I carry my shorts in hand to cover up if I meet someone.
    I enjoy the feel of the breeze, the feel of the sun and the sounds of nature,

  4. I am naked 24/7 it is such a good feeling I hate clothes you feel better being naked and so free and I like to go to nude beaches and for nude walks such a buss

  5. I too love being nude with Nature and I am nude as often as I can. I have recently drafted my new partner into the lifestyle and she is relaxing more and thus enjoying it more too.

    Too many people criticize the nudist lifestyle without reason or without giving it a try.

    My philosophy is TAKE CARE and get BARE there is nothing better.

  6. Ok – I’m a 60 year old male – in decent shape & I am nude as often as I can be. My wife thinks its wierd. I’ve gone to nude beaches & I even went to an adults only hotel where you could be nude 24/7. It was sssooo strange going into the motel room – taking off my clothes & then walking out of the room bare ass naked & walking into the lobby, to the pool…… What a super lifestyle. I’m thinking of leaving my wife & moving into a nudist resort in northern Fl. Life is too short – may as well enjoy yourself!!! Stay Naked!!!!!

  7. I love waking up in the morning and walk around my house nude.I leave my windows open and move about the house.I like feeling free and it adds excitement of possibly being viewed by others.I like wearing very little clothing when going out in public during the summer.

  8. I’ve always been fairly coy about going nude, especially on beaches etc; but now it’s a different thing as my husband and I are a little older and both want the experience of being totally liberated of clothing as often as possible. We tried it at a beach recently and once my bra and panties were off I felt really great. It was marvellous to just lie butt naked and not worry about it as everyone else was the same. Anyone thinking about it – do it, I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

  9. I am naked at home almost all the time. My wife doesn’t like to be naked at home. We have different schedules so it works out good for me. During the week when she works I go nude. No kids any longer either. I also checked to see if it was possible to see in the house if the blinds were open. It’s very diffacult and would take an effort so the blinds are open. I love it!

  10. I’ve enjoyed the nudist lifestyle for 40 years. Nothing beats it and I’m naked at home as much as possible. It’s so freeing and wonderful and there is nothing sexual about it. We should be proud of and enjoy our bodies. There is nothing better than to be surrounded by naked friends around a swimming pool or else where. I’m also a total smoothie except my head. My GF enjoys the lifestyle too and I only wish my former wife and I had brought our daughter up in the lifestyle.

  11. I love being naked around my house.I like to go outside naked also. I like being in bondage outside. I will go to a remote location and undress and slip into ankle cuffs and hand cuffs and get as far away from my clothes.

  12. All this flop-and-jiggle talk is having the opposite effect on me. I think I’ll put on my baggiest sweats and go to the gym.

  13. well….nakey is just endearing, liberating and what more can i say but…..Amazing! I love it love the feel of it, love the jiggle and the flop of it!

  14. Hex – don’t be afraid of being naked around your children – we raised 4 of ours in a nudist community and they grew up with very healthy body images and no problems whatsoever.

  15. Yes! Being naked is nice. Body parts move and flop. Nice to feel free and be at ease.

    Dress when you have to but be naked when you can. Swimming is so nice sun on your skin. Protect those spots that don’t see the sun much. SPF as needed.

  16. I am with Ben, go try and nude beach. It is great being around other naked people where nobody really cares about body image. I am naked as often as possible, which is an issue since I have children. When they aren’t around, I can be found in my backyard reading naked, cleaning the house naked, etc.

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