Confession: Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Own a Razor

Our contributor Abby Spector, who is majoring in Feminine/Gender/Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University, confesses her love for body hair:

I am not going to judge silky-smooth-shaved ladies. But here are ten reasons I do NOT own a razor And yes, this means legs, vag, and — gasp — armpit hair.

  1. Why should I? I don’t like razor burn or the spiky feeling of leg hairs emerging from dry skin.
  2. In many ways, I look like the “typical” American girl. I am an average size, have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile when I’m nervous. There are few ways I can subtly show my rebellious side. I have discovered that a flash of armpit hair does the trick.
  3. I’ll pass on disrupting the natural course of my body, thank you very much.
  4. My sister and mom, two of the most beautiful people I know, do not shave. Actually, I didn’t know it was a custom until I got to middle school and my friend insisted that we (she) shave my peach fuzz legs.
  5. I’m LAZY!
  6. The first guy I slept with told me I had to shave or else he wouldn’t go down on me. I hate him. My bushy bush is my way of laughing in his face.
  7. My current boyfriend doesn’t mind. Why should he? He isn’t exactly bare down there, either.
  8. Sharp objects always seem to cut me. Thus, placing one near my vag could lead to a very unfortunate injury. I want to keep my clit intact.
  9. I am bisexual. The armpit hair works like a calling card to the lesbian community.
  10. Everyone loves Northern Europeans. Historically, this hot community doesn’t shave. I want to be as Swedish as possible.

Abby Spector


  1. There is nothing sexy about a bare but insecure person. If you’re comfortable with yourself, you’re automatically attractive, sexually or otherwise. Male or female, if you like your own boosh others will too. I think a lot of women (and men) shave because they think they ‘have to’. I agree with the above, as long as you groom according to your own ‘standards’, you’re alright. Once you try to be some bare cunt you’re not, you’ve lost.

  2. ^ and vice-versa, of course. Most guys are comfortable trimming themselves and most women are comfortable with that too.

  3. ^ Insistence from one side + refusal from the other = controversy.

    I suspect that as with most controversies, though, the majority of people are actually pretty moderate. It’s just that extremists make the most noise. You mostly hear from the “SHAVE IT!” camp, and the, “I’ll never shave a single hair – TAKE THAT, PATRIARCHY!” camp.

    But in reality most women are comfortable at least trimming, and most guys are content with that. Thank god for moderates.

  4. I could add, that just tonight my girlfriend refused to let me see her naked because she wasn’t shaved down their, despite having responded with a similar indignant comment as I made above

  5. There’s one aspect of this I’ve never understood.
    Why the controversy. It’s just hair, Wear it how you like. I’ve never required a lover to keep their hair in any fashion other than how they feel comfortable. Even if only for the reason that if she is comfortable she will enjoy the sex more. This goes for pubic hair, leg hair, armpit hair, and the hair on your head.
    Grow it
    cut it,
    shave it,
    dye it
    heck, even braid it. I don’t care, as long as she is comfortable with her body enough to let me pleasure her

  6. All aesthetics aside, I just never got the
    ideological attachment to pubic hair.

    It’s like Andrea said – the male face is the most-shaved area in Western society. I’ve literally never heard a man say, “women who want me to shave are pedophilic sickos who like little boys!” or “my beard just fills me with with such manly confidence, I’d never get rid of it!” or, “how dare my employer expect me to shave? That hair was put on my face by MOTHER NATURE HERSELF!”

    And therein lies a key to the male mind, at least where this is concerned: many of us acknowledge no correlation between hair and ideology. It’s about look, and it’s about feel. On us and on women. Believe me, it’s not about oppressing anyone.

  7. I shave my underarms and legs, by choice. But I only trim my pubic hair. My boyfriend prefers completely shaved, but we talked and I explained that I don’t like that. He’s ok with it, actually I think he’s starting to like it. I trim it to keep it tidy and because I don’t like it creeping out the sides of my underwear.
    I respect those of you who don’t. It’s your body, do with it as you please.

  8. i shave/trim just because i prefer to not cause a scene at the pool/beach. but that aside, when winter comes – screw it. My body (in theory) know’s what it’s doing and i don’t care to fight it.

  9. The biggest fetish for shaving in our society is, of course, men’s faces. Most heterosexual women seem to prefer their men to be like little boys.

  10. I think body hair on a woman looks attractive, and I do love how shocking some people find it. I never removed any body hair until last year, but do now sometimes. I like the variety, although I’d still say I prefer to have hair. It’s pretty.

  11. Power to the hair!!! I shave but I barely. Apart from eyebrows and armpits, shaving anywhere else is optional-a scissors does the trick down there and only occasionally, and my legs are a no-go. Have I had an issue with it in my dating life? Not really, apart from men who expect me to shave my vag(ingrown hairs, stubble and nicks aren’t very comfortable at all). Besides, if God/Mother Nature wanted me to be hairless, I would have been born that way.

  12. That is totally cool. I respect and like your reasons. I personally got told by all my friends to start shaving so I did now I’m in the habit. I really LOVE YOUR ARITCLE thou!!

  13. I shave because its more comfortable to me anyone who dislikes that doesn’t have to sleep with me. My boyfriend doesn’t care either way and any male or female I go down on has to have it trimmed at least peach fuzz is fine but a birds nest doesn’t turn me on.

  14. i only shave my armpits because i do alot of sport, the most men can hope for from me is a trim, i ain’t shaving for anyone. either accept it’s natural or go away in my opinion.

  15. Renee – that’s awesome, and I’m glad it’s given you confidence 😀 I pretty much trim just so that when I’m being given oral, my lad doesn’t come up with hair between his teeth, but if you’ve found a way around that, more power to you!

  16. My boyfriend likes me being smooth (though he’s too nice to say anything if I skip a day),and I like the feeling too. I do it for him. I don’t mind, and he does a lot of stuff for me too.

    I respect your reasons, just, as a representative of the opposing opinion, I do like the feeling of being shaven and it doesn’t take that much time out of my day.

  17. its totally butch to leave all the hair, you’re right about that. personally, i go bare floor and shave pits and full legs. its cleaner. hairy women gross me out. and i’ve passed it on. my kids find it freaky when women don’t shave their pits. and of course there is the implication that its a total lack of grooming.

  18. Someone verify this but I believe the vagina is inside the body and does not have hair. The vulva is the outside part.

  19. I volunteer at my local teen health clinic, and during our training retreat, one of the first ground rules we all agreed to follow was “don’t yuck my yum.” This basically translates to “respect the tastes of others, especially around sex-related topics because it is so easy to be self-conscious about that sort of thing.” So Erin, if you don’t like pubic hair, you can go right ahead and seek out bare-skinned buddies to get it on with – plenty of them exist, and seem quite happy with their grooming regimens – but don’t be a jerk about other people’s tastes. I don’t think it’s your (or anyone’s) business to insult other people’s vulvas on the Internet.

  20. HA, Erin, people like are you are another reason we don’t shave! Saying something as dismissive and conventional as “yuck” just makes it easier to weed out the sheep from the real people.

    And Liz, take a number. “Shaving is cleaner/more attractive/etc etc” – I’ve never had any problems because of my hair. The only side effect so far has been this surge of confidence 🙂

  21. I find that trimming around the lady bits is more helpful than aesthetic – a bunch of hair can get in the way, after all, but a thinner thicket is rarely disruptive.

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