Dear Dr. Kate: I Get Too Wet

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Dear Dr. Kate,

I think that I get too wet by far. Is there anything that will help me lubricate less?

— My Love Is Like an Ocean


Lubrication during sex is a good sign (though not the only one) of how aroused you are. It tends to make intercourse more comfortable, and reduce injury to your vagina by reducing friction. But sometimes a little friction is a good thing, and you’re not the only woman who feels that she’s actually TOO wet during sex. Hormonal contraception (especially the birth control pill) reduces lubrication for some women. But there’s no powder or medication specifically designed to dry you out. Instead, try different positions that may increase friction (like keeping your legs together after he’s entered you). And don’t hesitate to keep a towel underneath you.

— Dr. Kate

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The issue can be cut guys needing more friction to get off, as they’re often less sensitive. I was never considered ‘too wet’ until I got together with a circumcised guy. We deal with it by the legs together thing, and when that’s too uncomfortable, applying other stimulation to various bits of him. Oh and not having too much foreplay for me, and lots of foreplay for him. Plus if you lie on your back and he enters you before you’re really turned on, the wetness can ‘pool’ inside you rather than coming out and making him too slippery. Sounds… Read more »

My bf doesn’t like it when I’m “too” wet. I don’t know what to say to him


I get very wet as well, but I consider it a good thing. My boyfriend loves it, and it helps prevent me from getting sore since my bf is pretty big.


I sympathize. I often feel like I over lubricate but my partner *loves* it. Says it’s a compliment. Sometimes I keep a cloth around so I can whisk away extra moisture but I’ve also found that spermicidal condoms sort of…dry up my personal lube. I’m still excreting the same, but the spermicide breaks down the fluid and it disperses much faster.