Dear Dr. Kate: Why Does My Vagina Taste Bitter Sometimes?

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Hello Dr. Kate,

My question is about the taste of my vagina. Both from what my boyfriend has said/his reactions and my own taste-tests, I know that sometimes I taste of nothing and sometimes almost bitter (even after showering). Is this change due to hormones, or is it like with men where the foods you eat affect your taste? Thank you so much!

— (Would Rather Be) Tasteless

Dear Tasteless,

Every woman has a unique taste that changes based on many things. At different times in your cycle, your taste can change from sweet to salty to sour. When you’re aroused, or if you’re sweating (or both), the flavor can also be different. And certainly having an infection (yeast or vaginosis) can cause your taste to change.

It’s unclear if diet can really change the taste of vaginal secretions — unsurprisingly, it’s hard to get funding to do such research. But anecdotally, different foods in your diet can change how you taste. The foods I hear about most: raw garlic, citrus fruits (particularly pineapple), strawberries, coffee, and asparagus. Even alcohol, nicotine and vitamins have the potential to change your taste. Violet Blue goes into further details that she learned while researching her book on cunnilingus.

I’d love to hear about this from you all… Have any of you (or your partners) noticed a change in your vaginal taste? What do you think it’s due to?

— Dr. Kate

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sour pussy
1 year 2 months ago

So im breastfeeding drinking as much water as i can . Excercising. I wax my vajaja an for a few weeks i tasted myself an its sour as! I havent had sex in weeks . I bought bromelain *pineapple extracts. Evey now an then i use alcohol and soap free baby wipes to freshen up.. and i use an intimate wash in the shower i dont no what the problem is!!?? Help.

licking husband
1 year 8 months ago

I want to go down with my tongue with my wife, but she does not allow it because I told her her tastewas more souer since her pregnancy. How can I convince her to allow me to lick her

2 years 3 months ago

My bf and I used to have great sex till he moved in with me…now he isn’t interested and told me he doesn’t even think of sex…we fight all the time and he says all I want is sex…its part of the long can a man go without some kind of relieve..really now..he will rather jurk off than have sex with that normal?

2 years 9 months ago

@Clairey thanks so much, I am going to try that. I will let you know if it works for me. As for those of you having trouble with coming to or bringing someone else to orgasm. The only way to accomplish it with a woman is that she has to explore her own body and bring herself to orgasm. Once you/she can discover where and the amount of pressure needed it can happen any time you/she wants it to. Use toys in addition if you would like. The most important thing is to be relaxed, both of you, and to not rush it. When it happens, believe me you will be happy you worked for it.

2 years 11 months ago

@ Dan John try playing with her clit be creative with your toungue, hope that helps. I am a female and haven’t felt that orgasm but I know what I want and kind of embarrassed to let him know