Design Your Own Sex Toy, Win Fame and Cash!

Remember when we told you guys about a new sex toy called the Sqweel? It’s an oral sex simulator that was launched back in 2009 with all the pomp and hype of a new Apple product — we were sent a free sample in advance only once we were sworn to secrecy, which made us feel kind of like the James Bonds of the sex toy world (but with a better gadget!). And we have to say, despite having a name that sounds like a ride at your local county fair, the toy totally delivered. Well, the Sqweel was the winner of LoveHoney.co.uk’s Design a Sex Toy competition that year. And their 2011 competition is now accepting entries! Closing date is June 30, 2011.

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I have an idea.

Mike G

I actually had my first ever, Epiphany, for a new sex toy. I have visited dozens of adults stores and viewed many online adult toy sites. Just last nite, I viewed over 200 toys and did not see anything close to my idea.i have not seen Anything like what I have n mind.


I have a light bulb idea no idea where to start help…


i have 2 fantastic ideas that would benefit lesbians and the trans boys (like girls turning into guys but cant have the surgery yet)


I have an interesting lesbian sex toy/strap in mind . That enhances both partners stimulation an orgasm s. Please contact me for further details and processing plans. Thank you


I think that I have a great idea and would love to talk to someone about it if interested plz contact me