Dream Interpretation: My Boyfriend and I Had the Same Dream

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

My boyfriend, who lives with me, and I had the same dream last night. He killed me, but was possessed while doing so. I’m sure the details in his dream were different than mine, but it was the same content.

My dream was one I’d had before. In my dream, another man tries to save me from my current boyfriend, but is unsuccessful and my boyfriend stabs me. The dream was very dark and dreary and also involved a train and a train station and skips to a party scene on the train.

In his dream he was possessed and stabbed me like 20 times and after the fact that I was dead he realized what he did and started balling and hugged my dead body until the police came.

The fact that we both dreamt the same thing on the same night is rather scary. Any thoughts?

Lauri: Yes, two people can have the same dream on the same night. It’s called shared dreaming and it usually happens to two people who are very close: husband and wife, best friends, mother and daughter, etc. The reason why is because the two individuals are dealing with the same issue and their subconscious responds to it similarly by giving them comparable dreams.

Now, let’s decipher these dreams and see if we can pinpoint the shared issue. Being stabbed in a dream often means you have been the victim of someone’s hurtful and wounding remarks. Do you recall if you and your boyfriend fought that day? Did he take a lot of “stabs” at you by criticizing you?

The fact that you’ve had this dream more than once concerns me that he may have an anger problem. Just as he was possessed in the dream, does it sometimes seem like some angry person had taken over his body? Is he sometimes not himself?

The murder aspect of these dreams suggests he may be trying to force some sort of change on you. Death in a dream is a natural change or ending in waking life whereas murder in a dream is a forced change or ending. The unknown man that was trying to rescue you in the dream is most likely your own male, assertive self. Do you recall trying to “grow a pair” and stand up for yourself that day… to no avail?

His remorse in the dream shows he’s truly sorry in waking life. Nonetheless, if there are changes he is trying to get you to make, you may wanna tell him to lighten up a bit about it because it’s giving you nightmares!


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  1. It was just after 1am when my daughter who is 10 comes to me and tells me she had a bad dream. I ask her what was it about. She said red scorpions. I say up and said interesting. See I was dreaming of red scorpions to just before she woke me up. The difference was her dream scared her as for me I was more interested in why they were there.
    She had been in the woods and moved a lot and there was a red scorpion. I was in a cave and the scorpions where everywhere.
    Her dream scared her so much that she ended up crawling into bed with me.

  2. Everyone has there own happy place when they are upset or scared, my happy place isn’t a really place that I know of I made it up. I have never told anyone about it.
    Today my bf that lives hours away from me that I see maybe twice a year told me about this dream he had. I asked him Questions (not giving away details) so he had to tell me that he saw. He answered all my questions correct, then I drew him a picture of it, because I think of it so much ik it by heart, and showed him. He said that was exactly it.

  3. Me and my husband and similar dreams in the same night at the same time. I had a very realistic, very detailed dream where I witnessed a very bad accident involving multiple vehicles and 11 people were killed when I was on my way to work one morning. I can remember what I was wearing, the time of day, the type and color of vehicles involved and the location. Mine involved a school bus and my husband woke up right after I did saying he had a bad dream where he was working a bad accident (he’s a firefighter) that involved 2 buses and one was a school bus. We have no children. What are the chances we would both dream of accidents involving school buses at the same time on the same morning? And why??

  4. Me and a somewhat ex had the same dream last night. He was trying to catch and I was trying to stop him from going back to certain things…in my dream I had a death grip on him and I was trying to stop something or someone from getting to him…he dreamed the same thing…he woke up with his arms hurting, feeling like someone has a death grip on them and with physical bruises on his arms and very noticeable bruises around his neck like someone or something was trying to kill him….what does this even mean…like honestly it’s freaking both of us out….

  5. So my boyfriend who is a veteran has dreams of getting chased and getting killed. For a week or 2 I started having the same nightmares to the point I was afraid to go sleep. The weird thing is that we where having it on the same nights and about the same time 2-5am. So I decided to buy a dream catchers which worked for like 2 months, we had no dreams and we were able to sleep through the the night peacefully. For the last 2 weeks hes been having dreams with his ex in it, weird to say but the same thing happen to me. By the way we live 30 min away. Someone knows why this is happening to us.? We have this thing that we tell each other’s dream by the end of the week and it’s about the same thing. We have no problems in our relationship whatsoever. Thanks!

  6. My boyfriend and I both dreamt that we had a daughter. In my dream he was holding our baby girl and we were choosing names. In his dream, I was standing by a window looking out it and he was holding our baby girl. He put her in her crib and came over to the window where I was standing. —– My boyfriend and I are facing some huge issues. I recently got a career that is making me move across province. My boyfriend is struggling to make the decision to come with me for 2 years or stay with his son from a previous relationship. I’m wondering what this dream could mean. We both dreamt of our baby girl at the same time.

  7. My fiancé and I shared a dream last night of us having a baby, we were unable to take our eyes off her. I don’t remember if I actually gave birth in my dream. Neither of us usually remember our dreams, my fiancé had PTSD so the only memorable dreams he has are usually terrible nightmares. This time though we both had the same dream at the same time about our child, newly born, and perfect. We were so happy. It was very refreshing to have a good dream, but I’m curious about what it could mean for us. We are definitely not thinking about having kids right now, we are in our 20’s.

  8. Me and my boyfriend had the same dream he broke up with me and I had told him and he said in his dream I broke up with him and we have been having the same dream I had it 3 times and he has had it 2 times

  9. My ex boyfriend and I hadhad the same dream last night. He and my boyfriend came to see me and I refused to kiss my boyfriend then my ex came up to me and I kissed him when I woke up I had a nose bleed and he texted me about the same dream ad nose bleed. So this morning I txted my boyfriend and told him he got upset and scared. So I looked it up and a doctor said we have issues that were addressed unconsciously.

  10. So me and my best friend had a weird experience and were just finding this out now. She told me about this scary dream some time ago where her grandmother (who had just died) was taking her to church. And she accidentally said hell instead of heaven and her grandmother started screaming and she literally heard like the devils screams .she said she had never been so scared in her life. Well I had never met her grandmother because we got close a good while after she died. Well I saw a picture of her the other day and recalled a dream I had where this lady was screaming at me to go save myself and leave. Well I did not think much of it until I saw this photo because I had never seen Her grandmother before and I told her and it freaked both of us out because she had almost the same experience at the beginning of the dream with her grandmother pointing just like in my dream the same way and its weird because this is not the only dream that lady has been in and the screaming dreams come frequent from different people plz help

  11. Me and my sister had the same dream on the same night it was about my my brother and little sister and I went to a store they got kidnapped but I don’t remember I got kidnapped but if I did I escaped but my siblings were left behind my little sister got rapped and my brother got abusied what does this mean

  12. Last night sleeping together we both woke each other out of a deep sleep screaming bloody murder grabbing for one another n kicking our feet wildly. We both talked ofsee the same lights, a door opening on my wall a man with a scary changing face. N hands grabbing for our feet to drag us in but we both started screaming n grabbing for each other as i stated before… needless to say it scared the hell out of both us n we didnt go back to bed. Also neither of us has had nightmares in nearly 10 years especially anything like this. Either we need a new house or i have no idea??!! And we both refuse to share it with anyone else so ppl dont thonk we are crazy.

  13. I was at home last night and my bf was at his aunts house. We both had dreams about zombies. I was in a city that I have never been to but in the dream it felt familiar, and was trying to get away from the Zombies. They were fat and alien like. I was beating them with a shovel and then suddenly I was in a really high elevator that was going up really fast and it lead me to a hospital like place with a little girl in a room. She was coughing up blood and was sick. Then she changed into a zombie in front of me. My boyfriend on the other hand had a dream that he was in the forest or someplace swampy, he also was trying to get away but said that he had a different partner with him. Could it be possible that we are both trying to escape our pasts in reality?

  14. I remember that me and my mom had the same dream. The dream itself had no sense but the content was the same despite the fact it was with no sense. We dreamt that our parrot had problems with flying and it fell down behind the sove in our house.

  15. Me and my sons’ mother had the same dream about our son almost drowning in a pool. We don’t live together but in happen the same night. Should I be worried or does this mean something totally different. thanks for your gift. mike

  16. I and my friend dreamt dat we were shopping perfumes at a particular shop same shop same nite n we both bought three perfume each in our separate dreams wat does it mean

  17. I had no idea that shared dreaming really happened until last night when my fiancée and I both dreamt that she was pregnant and lost the child just before birth ( I dreamt that it was a miscarriage she that it was a botched C-section I think I understand this because she tends to have an external locus of control whereas I internal) The fear and pain were so real we woke up at the same time and everything it was weird. I read several dream interpretations but nothing where it was like this, it was so much like a movie scene waking up at the same time having the same dream and everything just… wow

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