Em & Lo's 1st Annual Hotscars

photo by miss karen

  • Most Disappointing Sex Scene: The Na’vi love scene in “Avatar.” Um, how could their tails NOT mesh? We’re waiting for the unrated version on Blu-Ray and it better deliver.
  • Couple with Least Chemistry: Meryl Streep and Steve Martin in “It’s Complicated”
  • Best Love-Conquers-All Message: “District 9”
  • Worst Treatment of Genitalia: “Antichrist”
  • Best Fodder for the Fantasies of Women Married with Kids: “17 Again”
  • Sweetest Love Story: “Up” (Also wins for Best First 10 Minutes of Any Movie Ever)
  • Best Idea with Worst Execution: “Jennifer’s Body”
  • Most Romance: “(500) Days of Summer” (Lo loved it)
  • Least Romance: “(500) Days of Summer” (Em hated it)
  • Most Unattractive (Yet Oddly Appealing, If You Ask Em) Love Interest: Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart.” The Dude should get an Oscar just for being willing to look so gross (e.g. the passed-out-in-his-underwear-next-to-the-toilet scene)
  • Sorriest Excuse for a Romantic Comedy: “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”
  • Best (Albeit Cringe-worthy) Discussion of the G-Spot: Ethan Hawke in “New York, I Love You”
  • Best Gender Role Reversal: “Up in the Air”
  • Most Inspiring On-Screen Marriage: “Julie & Julia” (and we don’t mean the blogger’s)
  • Least Inspiring Use of Pen as Motif: “He’s Just Not That Into You” (sorry Justin Long, you are no Lloyd Dobler)
  • Special Recognition for Giving Hope to Teenage Virgins Everywhere: “Adventureland”

Discuss, disagree, debate in the comments below!

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If I think of something I’ll let you know. I’ve been under rock so haven’t seen any of the movies. However, I did notice that there was an article that talked about the “tantric” elements of that Avatar love scene. I think it might have been in Salon.


Am I the only one who when skimming the front page read “Hot Scars?”

Probably am. I’ll go quietly…

Madamoiselle L
Agreed, Em&Lo! With most of your choices. Every time a commercial for “17 Again” came on the TV, I’d fretfully ask My Man, “Zack Effron is over 21, right?” God, I hope so. Or I may have to turn myself in. (Haven’t seen the movie, yet, (waiting for On Demand) but MY, he’s a fine young specimen of masculinity.) Adventureland was great! I kept forgetting the young man wasn’t that other always awkward Jewish Kid. Jeff Bridges and whats-her-name. Uh Uh. Older men are all right, fine, a good part of the time. But, damn, he looks like her worse… Read more »