Feel the Force: Star Wars Vibrators

Geeks of the world, get excited! Balazs Sarmai, a photography, video and web artist based in Hungary, just designed a series of Star Wars sex toys based on actual LELO pleasure objects. They’re “Force powered,” aw yeah. C-3PO (above) is a LELO GIGI 2, R2-D2 is a LELO ALIA, Vader is a LELO IDA and the Stormtrooper is a LELO TARA. You can see all the designs here.

This isn’t the first time he’s geekified some LELO’s. Back in August, he made a series of Avengers sex toys, including Captain America, Iron Man, and very veiny Hulk. If only they were real — Comi Con would go bonkers!


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