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Last week, released their list of the Top 100 Sex&Love&Dating Blogs, and our little ol’ humble home not only made the top 10, we were ranked third! (Excuse us while we do The Running Man.) Only OkCupid’sOkTrends(#1) and (#2) beat us out. Now, we know this was just a clever marketing technique by to drum up some buzz and get some shout outs, but we don’t care — we’re suckers for flattery! We’re also suckers for safer sex, regular STD testing for the sexually active, and open communication about one’s health history. So hell yes, we’ll happily give a shout out.

The site caters to people who can’t get in to their doctor as quickly as they’d like, who don’t have health insurance but want to get tested at a fairly reasonable price, and/or who want to avoid face-to-face interactions when it comes to testing. Here’s how it works:

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3 years 6 months ago

emandlo should rank higher than third, but 3rd is a good start!