Is Cuckolding a Real Trend, Or Just Another Internet Meme?

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Dear Em & Lo,

A lot of erotica & porn is devoted to cuckolding (either interracial or less racially oriented). Observers claim that many women are happily liberating their “inner slut” by freely exploring their sexuality, mostly via fuck-buddy-style sex with partners outside their primary relationship (boyfriend or spouse), & often with BF or husband’s permission, encouragement or participation.

Is all this supposed increase in women being free to “fuck around like men do” just another internet meme or popular theme in porn — or is such a phenomenon truly occurring to any significant degree? The blogs (tumblr & elsewhere) that flaunt amateur pics & video are quite numerous, so I wonder if this might in fact be a growing subculture, in the US & Europe. Any insight you can offer?

— Cuckold-Curious

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11 days 19 hours ago

Yes it is more common. Hubby and I have been in a cuckold marriage for ten years now, and the last three have been really intense. The first seven years I was only with white guys. The last three have ONLY been with the same two black men.

I have seen hubby go from straight to what I think may be gay now. He is not allowed to have sex with me but really enjoys oral sex with my lovers.

1 month 13 days ago

All those trends just show that humans are miserable.
From day to day the world gets a little bit more fucked up, pushed by the media, entertainment and what not.

Guage H.
3 months 23 days ago

I honestly didn’t believe any of the cuckold stuff at all . It looked so rehearsed in what they filmed that I couldn’t believe what I saw . Besides how can a man who loves his wife allow her to be with another ? If I were invited to just watch it happen I would be a believer then . I would like to just meet the couple and see for myself that they are an actual couple and then wait for a door bell to ring and watch another man come into their home . Then I would believe it . It is so easy for the folks in adult film industry to fake it because you have lights all over , you can hear camera shutters going off in the background so no as Of now I don’t really think its true . If any couples in this lifestyle would allow me to watch , I would love it and would be respectful of course . I’m not even sure I would watch the whole act unless they said I could . If I just saw permission from the couple for the couple for another man to touch her how ever he wanted may be enough for me .

3 months 23 days ago

The cuckold porn you see is contrived, and those are paid actors. Real people do it though. I would, in theory.

Hannson III
5 months 11 days ago

Let me ask this question to you that are into this , when I see all of it online much of it looks like Porn with Porn Actors in it . But you guys say you do it so how does it begin for most of you ??? Is it watching your Wife with another man right in front of you ? Why is that a turn on for you , is he bigger or what ? I am asking because I am trying to understand and not judge . I am just asking , so please help me understand your lives . Someone said in an article I read that ” You are only One experience or swap away from the end or your Marriage or Relationship ” ? Is that true and if so do you at all worry ? What about Rules , lets say it’s Thursday night and its your day to do it , what about those other Days Is your spouse allowed to go and see them or does it have to be on THE day . Thank you for your time and effort with this .

1 year 2 months ago

My husband got me into “hotwifing” which was weird before I learned to enjoy it. The variety was great and some were just much better than my husband.

It became more of a cuckolding thing when I started doing it more often and for my own pleasure rather than for hubby’s kink.

The cuck aspect was more intense as I would lose interest in sex with my husband when my needs were better met from a lover.

I have two married friends that are involved in the Hotwife / Cuckold fetish. I would think that it is indeed on the rise.