It's the Most Materialistic Time of the Year…

photo by Helga Weber

We’re as guilty as anyone else of promoting gift-giving at this time of year. (Then again, who else is going to tell you about that perfectly tasteful vibrator that will fit in a Christmas stocking?) To find a bit of inner calm amidst the gift-wrapping storm, here are five ways to give back, whether with time or money.

  1. Give to the National Breast Cancer Foundation: We know you tinted your Facebook profile picture pink and did a cutesy status update about where you keep your handbag, but did that really do anything to help the cause of women with breast cancer? Donate money; run a race (or jump out of a plane) so you can ask your friends to donate sponsor money; or just donate your time.
  2. Get Involved with Planned Parenthood: Thanks to the mid-term election results, things are looking pretty dire when it comes to reproductive rights. Help Planned Parenthood keep fighting the good fight by donating your money or time — and sign up for their newsletters so you know when they need you to write to your representatives (usually it’s as simply as cutting and pasting and clicking your mouse).
  3. Get on the “It Gets Better” Train: Submit your own video, send the site to someone who needs it, or just tell everyone you know — including your mail carrier — how awesome this project is. Because the more we talk about this, the better it works.
  4. Get Involved with GLSEN: The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network recently launched the Safe Space Campaign to place a GLSEN Safe Space Kit in every middle and high school in the country — the kit is designed to “promote visible support for LGBT students in American middle and high schools…to build support for vulnerable students and reduce anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) bullying and harassment in their school.” Send a kit to the school you attended or a school you care about.

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