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6 Comments on "Ladies Only Poll: Do You Like to Cuddle?"

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My boyfriend loves cuddling. Sometimes I want sex, straight up, and he’s the one saying “can’t we just cuddle?”. A little frustrating but I realize that I’m lucky to have a guy that loves to snuggle.

Only time when he doesn’t is when he’s sleeping, trying to sleep.


I am personally not a big cuddler.If I do it it is for my husband or there are those rare occasions that I do but it’s very brief. I like to hold hands though. Although that could be because my hands are always freezing. LOL

Madamoiselle L
Like most women, I think I am much more into cuddling than My Man. He’ll DO it, but usually under duress. 😉 LOL! No, he will, but especially in the morning, he’s a “get up an go” guy and it drives me crazy, because especially on the weekends or one his days off, I’d like to lie there and bask in the after glow for say…..a few hours. After a few minutes, he’s squirming to get going. *sigh* It’s a little better at night, but even after many years together, he still has “physical contact” and “sex” inextricably linked. A… Read more »

I’m halfway in between two answers. I usually like some post sex cuddling, but I cannot begin to fall asleep if someone is touching me, so if I’m going to drift off, I’m going to need to separate first.


We cuddle far more than we have sex. There’s not a single night that we don’t go to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. It’s just a different kind of intimacy. So, yes, I like to cuddle… with or without sex.


Right now I’d rather cuddle than have sex (dry spell). It’s the cuddling I miss most! (well, ideally I’ll get both soon.)