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With my wife it was easy, we had regular sex daily and she never said a thing about my size, 5″. But a few days after we got married she said I was way too small to please and she started using a large dildo to penetrate me and told me this is how sex is supposed to feel. it took me a couple months, but I learned to have orgasms from her “doing” me. Since then, it is the only sex she allows me, but she says it is better this way. She says it is the easiest way… Read more »
Best sex I have ever had was with a man who was not only small, but also wasn’t able to get fully hard. Once I let go of the “ideas” I had about how to climax I discovered new, more fun ways to finish. The sex I have now with sizable, fully hard men..pales in comparison the the exciting, all encompassing, crazy hot sex I had with someone who “technically” wasn’t up to par. Don’t read the polls and listen to size queens, guys. Love being with a woman, embrace and envelope her entire body and she will be bragging… Read more »
My ex was on the larger side, I’m guess 6 inches or more, but never really got very HARD. We were together for 9 years, and while he was physically attractive, the sex was not very satisfying. It was all about him, he made fun of my desire, and his lack of attention to my body made me feel unattractive. My current husband is smaller, 5 inches?, not big in girth, but is hard and hot somehow just hits the right spot. So the motion of the ocean DOES matter, and so does having a working ship, but most importantly,… Read more »
Glenn Johnson

I’m a little under 4 inches and I have a difficult time getting erections plus I’m still a virgin at 57. I guess that makes me pretty much useless as a man.


Does size matter…. And the results have been tallied by ‘poll daddy’ :’) ironyyyyyy

Like some other girls here have said, 6.5 inches and fairly thick is the absolute ideal, for me as well. I’ve had friends brag about being with men who have been much larger, and to be honest, the one guy I was with who was upwards of 8 inches was PAINFUL. Some positions, like doggy style, were removed from my playbook while having sex with him because it really wasn’t pleasurable. I can say with conviction that if I ever come across another man with upwards of 7.5, I will not be letting him into my bed. Conversely, short and… Read more »

thank you girls. I m with 5-6 inches, but my is thin. I had few sex but always scared size does matter to you. Finally i have a lady around 40. She gave me confidence to enjoy sex without thinking about size. What matter her was sex i give her never size. I would request u guys if u have even 5 go for it gradually & give the pleasure. She will just enjoy it… All the best.:)