1. Yep there does need to be an all of the above button there. lol Whose down for a little pain here n there?? Me me me! That white hot feeling as the pain turns to pleasure and u can move with it now and stop clenching up lol yumm. Or those beautifully tender nights, melting into each others eyes,where you want each other so bad your shaking, laughter, mixed with heady emotion and the giddy feelings of lust so powerful you are ready to cum before any clothes are removed.
    yeah theres all those bad time too that make you cry during sex, but come on, all the good ones totally make it worth while. lol At least I think so.

  2. i never felt that good before though painful at the beginning but later i enjoyed every bit of it.no guy had made me feel that good before.he makes me feel like a woman when he makes love to me.

  3. I’m glad you asked this, I was sleeping with a lady I had just recently met, was our 2nd date and as we were having sex and I went to kiss her eyelids they were wet, I asked and she said she was crying, she said “because nobody has ever made her feel like that before: I was 22 she was 33, was a nice relationship for awhile. Several months later I met a lady (who is now my wife of 25 years) and almost the same thing, we were making love and I could tell she was crying, I stopped and asked her what was wrong, she said “I have never felt anything this wonderful and intense before, I never knew it could feel this good” I was happy for both ladies at the time but thought damn, am I gonna make every woman cry? Anyhow she and I got married, I have not been with anyone else in 25 years, and she stopped crying several times later (spoiled? LOL) but I never did know what I was doing or what I did, just glad I was able to do it.

  4. its weird because this just happened to me not to long ago and i didnt know if i was the only one who experienced this, but none of the options from above, i felt. the reason i cried is because it felt good AND it had a lil pain but feel good pain! i cried and laughed at the same time at the end for like 5 mins.

  5. Yea I have . When I realized I was coming . I had broken up with my X (for more then 1 reason )that I was with for 4 years (&& may have came all of 5 times) and I hooked up with my best friend.when I realized I was coming i just couldn’t control myself if felt that amazing .We make a year in Feb. Lol

  6. yea it was so beautiful and it was the last time we would do it for a couple months and he started crying then we started laughing looking at eachother after an amazing experience cryin lol

  7. I once erupted into a fit of laughter (fortunately so did he) and couldn’t stop for several minutes. That may have led to tears, but no crying.

  8. I thought I was a freak answering “no”, but once saw the results, and almost a third of women also did, I feel better now! I dont’ think I’d want to cry from having great sex, though, anyway…shouldn’t I be laughing or smiling if it’s so great??

  9. How about “Yes, because it was beautiful, soul-melding, eye-locking sex” combined with several of the best orgasms of my life. 🙂

  10. You’re right, an “all of the above” option above the “no” or at least a “some of the above” option would have been a good idea. Which one of you wants to volunteer to be our on-call night-shift unpaid editor? 🙂

  11. I cried ONCE because my boyfriend and I had just gotten back together and I was just so happy to be with him again. Then I laughed because crying after sex is SO cliche. haha 🙂

  12. Yeah, I put down emotionally awful (I was about to leave the country and him for a LONG time and we were drunk :/). But I’ve had physically hurts in that we were being rough and he slapped my face and all of a sudden I’m crying.

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