1. Ya I focus on the head of a guys penis because it turns me on, especially when they cum. The more I imagine me or my goods making him feel good it get me going.

  2. Ahhh…the sweet despicable vaginal juice oozing away like a stream of hot lava. How I could just lie down spread eagle with my favourite dildo the while I’m dreaming of a stranger banging me silly not to mention the voracious lapping on my clit till I orgasm and squirt like a mini fountain. The bottom is I like to be eaten and screwed in all my orifices by two well endowed black strangers ,well almost only problem is I’m afraid to do it in real.Getting off solo is well still safe and enjoyable.Haha….

  3. I honestly just think of a penis inserting a vagina whilst masturbating. It seems strange when most women think of a person in particular.. That tends to distract me ha ha.

  4. I generally think about celebs or attractive people around me. I worry though as I’m a married woman, I love my Hubby dearly but I can’t say I have ever thought about him when masturbating – is this wrong? I have done it during sex too, imagined someone else.
    To many my hubby is an attractive man and I do think him attractive . Thoughts?

  5. Also he reminds me of my BF 🙂 in appearance, sexiness and a general air of self assurance (and gorgeous voice) way, rather than being the devil obviously 🙂 which kind of adds to it, i seem to have a type.. ;0)

  6. ML – I totally get the Daryl van Horn thing, you can’t beat a bad boy.. 😉 tho it took my BF half an hour and an IMBD look up to convince me that was the same guy as in Due South!

  7. Is “a fictional character” just a random lover you made up on the spot, or, like, Jack Sparrow or Siruis Black or someone from literature or film?

    MMMM, my new “not really alive” character is “Daryl Van Horn” on Eastwick. Yum. My Man keeps telling me “What’s wrong with you? He’s the Devil.” No, he isn’t he’s just……misunderstood. And hot. Damn.

  8. When I fantasize it’s normally has to do with my day. This hottie bumped into me at the coffee shop, my friend let his towel drop when getting out of the shower, I bent over and someone spanks me, or maybe a hug lasts a few seconds longer then it should.

  9. I find my fantasies evolve, depending on what I’m currently obsessed with – at the moment it’s DP, before that was rough-n-ready anal… often it’s an extension of something I’m building up to try with my partner.

  10. all of the above…an aquaintance and an ex partner together…3ways…certain acts with any number of mental sex partners…certain fetishes that I dig that include a partner but not always. This is so not a hard and fast question…too many variables…just like sex!

  11. I was going to say I think this is missing the “someone I have a massive crush on” category, but I guess that falls under friend/aquaintance?

  12. I mostly just concentrate, honestly. If I fantasize it’s almost exclusively about my partner…

    But mainly I just think about getting there! 🙂

  13. ALL of the above! Depends on the mood of the moment, whether I’m attracted to someone specific, whether I’ve recently had great sex with someone, whether Russel Crowe was on TV that day… 🙂

  14. You should have included a ‘none of the above’ option…some people fantasize about specific acts or fetishes or body parts instead of people.

  15. I actually imagine that the person I’m most attracted to is watching me…fantasizing about the physical act of sex with someone is too distracting for me!

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