Last Chance to Enter Our “Adore Me” Contest (Odds of Winning Are Great!)


To help us all get in the mood for Valentine’s Day (fast approaching, in case you hadn’t noticed, ha), we want you to “share the love”: Use the comments section below or email us (select “Contest Entry” from the pull-down menu) BY EOD EST TUE JAN 29TH, to share something cute/romantic/cheeky about your current relationship — or your favorite former relationship, if you’re currently single. Maybe it’s your meet-cute story, or a date that went hilariously wrong (and you stayed together despite this), or the moment when you knew this person was for you. Go ahead, make us all swoon! (But please, no Penthouse Forum-style entries.)

The WINNER — our favorite response — will receive a free ADORE ME SET by LELO — this includes a stylish red lipstick vibe, a red silk blindfold, red silk and suede wrist restraints, and a satin storage pouch. Best of all, we’ll get this gift shipped out to you in time for Valentine’s Day! Oh yeah, and the winning story will be featured in a post on this site — so you can get some love back for all the love you shared, aw yeah.

The contest is open until January 29th. Feel free to post anonymously, of course — just be sure to include your email address in the comment submission form below (this will NOT show up on the site) or in the email submission form so we can contact you if you’re the winner.

Okay… Dish away!

Read more about the Adore Me set here . . .

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She wrote this for me! These items would make vday so special for us. 🙂 Pretty, beautiful, radiant as the sun, Watching you there, I swear you could be the one to take all my fears and turn them to blissful rain, like the time I skipped and jumped around in your driveway while you took shelter on the porch, laughing because I was so silly. But that carefree joy of a summer shower doesn’t even compare to the feelings I have when I think of you. my stomach turns to butterflies and as they fly up out of my… Read more »
The anniversary of my current relationship is the day after Valentine’s–a fact I find mildly ironic, awesome, and hysterical. On the day of our second anniversary, my boyfriend and I had rehearsal. We had no plans to celebrate–or so I thought. Turned out that he had enlisted the cast and crew to help surprise me. They all came on stage after rehearsal and sang Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’ to me. The lighting designer made heart-shaped lights dance all over the set. At the end, the whole cast was chanting “Kiss her” so I got a big kiss out of it… Read more »
We had only been dating a few weeks when I ended up with a terrible sinus infection. Congested, grumpy, miserable and too tired to go to the last day of a music festival. Instead, he took me grocery shopping and carried my bags up three flights of stairs and put me to bed with my antibiotics. I was laying in bed and he was sitting on the edge facing away from me, putting on his shoes before he left. I wrapped my arms around him from behind and blurted out, “I love you!” And then I freaked out and hid… Read more »