Naked News: Didn’t Have THAT When We Were in College

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Madamoiselle L
4 years 8 months ago

I usually have no problem with sexual openness. A good University is a place for adults to learn things they may not already know.

However, MOST sex toy users do NOT use a reciprocating saw in their bedrooms or even at the local BDSM club. What the heck was that doing in a Sex Class? It is not a normal use of a sex toy, and I think it gave the wrong idea of “what people who use sex toys do.”

My Man and I are avid sex toy aficionados, yet we have never brought an auto shop power tool into the bedroom.

What would have been wrong with a nice Fun Factory vibrator or a Hitachi? Hell, even the Wahl 2 Speed (which nearly looks like a power tool) would have been a workable alternative.

This stunt has put the acceptance of sex toys by the general public back 2 decades. I am really disappointed by Northwestern.

4 years 8 months ago

No one hated the self esteem movement more than George Carlin, and he took great pleasure in watching it crash and burn. I wish he was still around to hear his rant about Facebook.