Naked News: Facebook Divorces, Risky Love, and Sex Addicts

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Madamoiselle L
RE; “Sex Addiction” I agree that in most cases “someone diagnosed with sex addiction or having hypersexuality is anyone having more sex than the therapist is having.” Here’s the supposed symptoms: To be diagnosed with the disorder, a patient would have to chronically experience four of the following five situations: 1)spending a “great deal of time” consumed by sexual fantasies and urges; (What is “a great deal of time?” Somewhere someone having sex more than 14 hours a week was “disordered” obviously THIS therapist has sex 2 hours a week or less. “Fantasies and Urges” A lot of people think… Read more »
“Australia’s Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has described sex as “one of life’s great pleasures,” but says it is often difficult to find the time for intercourse on the campaign trail. Remind us again why we don’t all live there?” Ladies, not that I disagree with your point that Australia is pretty awesome and that anyone would be lucky to live here, but I don’t know how much you know about Tony Abbott’s other recent quotations. He got in a bit of trouble recently by saying that in his opinion girls should remain virgins until marriage and give their husband… Read more »