Naked News: Why Dogs in Bed May Be Bad for Your Health

photo by Jose Santiago

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  1. MAY be bad for you?

    Letting pets in the bed is DISGUSTING. The bed is sacrosanct human fuck-space – no animals allowed.

    If the woman I’m with lets the dog on the bed sometimes, I can deal. But when it’s bedtime the dog must fuck off. No sleeping with the dog.

    Once I was sleeping at a woman’s house and in the middle of the night the dog weasled it’s way UNDER the covers, in between us. Asleep and not knowing what the fuck was happening, I freaked out. She was like, “what’s the big deal? The dog always sleeps with me.” I was OUT OF THERE, in the middle of the night. Hell no. Under the covers is worse than unsanitary. It’s downright creepy.

    Can you tell I’m not a great lover of pets?

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