One-Night Stand Wisdom from '80s Song Lyrics

When we published “How to Greet a Former One-Night Stand” on our site last week, Madamoiselle L suggested the worst way ever to do so: “Hey, how are you doing? Oh, I’d like you to meet your son.” To which Spes responded, “Wasn’t there an ’80s song about that?” Reader SS to the rescue! “Googling this was much more fun than folding laundry,” posted SS, “which is what I’m supposed to be doing.” So here, thanks to SS (and Madamoiselle L and Spes for the inspiration), are the weirdest — or, at least, most specific — lyrics about a one-night stand that we’ve ever heard. Our favorite part? The nifty foreshadowing in the note she leaves on the night-stand. Our least favorite? The unprotected sex with a stranger part. Oh, the ’80s! So… who can top this? Post your favorite one-night stand songs and lyrics in the comments section below…

“All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You” by Heart

It was a rainy night
When he came into sight,
Standing by the road,
No umbrella, no coat.
So I pulled up alongside
And I offered him a ride.
He accepted with a smile,
So we drove for a while.
I didn’t ask him his name,
This lonely boy in the rain.
Fate, tell me it’s right,
Is this love at first sight?
Please don’t make it wrong,
Just stay for the night.

All I wanna do is make love to you
Say you will
You want me too
All I wanna do is make love to you
I’ve got lovin’ arms to hold on to

So we found this hotel,
It was a place I knew well
We made magic that night.
Oh, he did everything right
He brought the woman out of me,
So many times, easily
And in the morning when he woke all
I left him was a note
I told him
I am the flower you are the seed
We walked in the garden
We planted a tree
Don’t try to find me,
Please don’t you dare
Just live in my memory,
You’ll always be there

All I wanna do is make love to you
One night of love was all we knew
All I wanna do is make love to you
I’ve got lovin’ arms to hold on to

Oh, oooh, we made love
Love like strangers
All night long
We made love

Then it happened one day,
We came round the same way
You can imagine his surprise
When he saw his own eyes
I said please, please understand
I’m in love with another man
And what he couldn’t give me
Was the one little thing that you can

All I wanna do is make love to you
One night of love was all we knew
All I wanna do is make love to you
Come on say you will, you want me too

All I wanna do is make love to you
One night of love was all we knew

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6 Comments on "One-Night Stand Wisdom from '80s Song Lyrics"


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6 years 30 days ago

I was going to put “Tide” in quotations, but I thought I might get a summons from the pun police…

Madamoiselle L
Madamoiselle L
6 years 30 days ago

SS, “Tide” you over?…..bwhahahaaaa!

6 years 1 month ago

@M.L.: Laundry is my life. The day really isn’t complete until I’ve removed a set-in stain, done a line of Cheer, and inhaled enough Bounce dryer sheets to get me slightly tipsy…something has to tide us over until that first glass of wine at 5pm, right?? Well, that and some Heart or Journey songs… 🙂

6 years 1 month ago

Providing prima facie evidence that the 80’s were largely a dark time, artistically, for Ann and Nancy. I remember the song, of course, and lamented the dissipation of Heart. However, in my most fevered dreams, I never expected that the actual lyrics were so whack. Shame on me for being so inattentive and thanks to Spes and SS.

6 years 1 month ago

So this is where the myth of the sperm-jacker originated…


Madamoiselle L
Madamoiselle L
6 years 1 month ago

😀 I was a Heart fan in the 70s, but was not aware (either that or didn’t remember) that song when I posted. Thanks, Spes! It was very specific! And apropos.

SS, get back to that laundry, Woman! (hee hee hee, that is actually what I should be doing, and here I sit….)