Get the Best TV Show About Sex – Ever! – on DVD

SEX: How to Do Everything

Our 10-part television series, SEX: How to Do Everything, is now available on DVD! Each show tackles a specific topic (seduction, oral sex, kink, etc) with tips, on-the-street & in-studio interviews, silly segments like our confessional booth in the middle Times Square, and how-to demonstrations from various models illustrating a variety of different techniques, from the ordinary to the super-scandalous. (For example, there’s a guy in one episode who can, um, go down on himself — we weren’t entirely happy about his inclusion in the show, but it undeniably has a certain, fucked-up, car-crash appeal.) The show was made in the UK, where they can get away with a lot more on television.


Being innocent television ingenues, we didn’t get a lot of money for this project. The only way we’ll see another cent for our efforts (which basically involved humiliating ourselves in order to help spread sexual education and inspiration) is if you buy the DVD using this link. So if you like, the information on it, and the fantastic community that’s grown within it, please consider supporting it with the purchase of our show SEX: How to Do Everything — we’re sure you’ll get something out of it, whether it’s a new technique to try, a different way to think about sex, a giggle, or just great fodder for your next cocktail party.


The trailer for the show is in the right hand sidebar and below is a clip from the oral sex episode, in which famous sex guru Midori gives two women some tips and tricks with a lollipop demo  — just remember to use this link should you decide to order the show. If you do, we’ll be your BFFs. Thanks!

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Madamoiselle L
5 years 10 months ago

Cool. It will be on my list, right after I get Tristan Taromino’s latest…..