Pine-Sol Ad Jumps On Housework-Improves-Sex Bandwagon

porn_for_women_houseworkphoto from Porn for Women

Finally! An ad for a cleaning product that doesn’t feature a woman going into an orgasmic paroxysm over a new mop. Only on Madison Avenue does doing the chores turn a woman on. Sure, Pine-Sol may have shamelessly ripped off the Porn for Women books with their new ad, but we don’t care. The ad (watch it here) features a woman pulling into her swank house in a snazzy convertible, then climbing a rose-petal-strewn staircase to find a smokin’ hot topless dude mopping her floors. We love Pine-Sol even more for keeping on Diane Amos for this ad. She has starred in Pine-Sol’s ads for 16 years, and, as she told the New York Times, “I run a household and have kids. I look like I mop.” We can’t believe it took Madison Avenue this long to capitalize on the no-duh notion that dudes who pull their weight in the household chores department are more likely to get laid. Though, for the record, we should point out — as we did here last month — that a recent study found that doing housework increases the amount of sex in a relationship no matter who mops. But we’re not going to write any letters to Pine-Sol pointing this out just yet — we want more ads featuring hot semi-naked guys doing chores first.

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