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7 Comments on "Poll: Is There a “War on Women”?"

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There is absolutely NOT a war on women.

There is a war on men.

And there has been for decades.

I don’t think there is a war on women. A war on women would imply intention of an agressor (men) which in my mind simply isn’t true. Of course there are misogynistic men, but nowadays, it seems to be far more acceptable for a woman to trash on men than the other way round (well, what harm could a woman do…?)That doesn’t mean women aren’t disadvantaged, but it means that the problems are rooted far more deeply, in society as a whole which includes both men and women. Men do not put women at a disadvantage because they do not… Read more »

P.S.: Dannie, I agree with your comments. Nicely put


I just hate that we seem to be going back in time. Do we really have to argue over birth control AGAIN? I mean, really? I just feel like as a nation and a global population we have much bigger things to fuss over and try to fix.

Ella, a war on women doesn’t mean that only women are the victims. Far from it! Anything that discriminates between the sexes like that ultimately hurts everyone. That’s the whole point! Much of the legislation that is going on–or is trying to go on–is not only specifically written about things typically seen to only concern women, but it is increasing in viciousness and frequency, and women have little say in it at all. Is it harmful to constantly see the world as divided? Yes, but until it -isn’t- divided, we have no choice. Women still make 77 cents to a… Read more »

So one can choose between yes and yes? That’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

The problem is that my boyfriend has had problems with infringements on his rights as man – nobody talks about that. I on the other hand have so far in my life been lucky enough to never have had problems connected to by gender.

Why is it that we still divide the world into men and women – there’s no war going on as far as I can see, at least not between only two parties, with one only being the victim.


I would say, “yes, and the enemy is rallying for a last stand. Soon women’s rights will prevail.”

There’ll always be jerks (some people still believe in racial segregation, but they’re considered nutjobs now!), but don’t you see an overall upward trend?