Poll: Would You Cheat If You Could Get Away with It?

If you could cheat on your committed long-term partner, just once, and it was guaranteed they would never find out, you wouldn’t get an STD or have to deal with an unintended pregnancy, and you’d never see or hear from the fling again, would you?

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^ I partially agree with you, G, but that’s because I usually don’t promise women monogamy, so I don’t think it’s cheating. Now that I have promised my lady monogamy, cheating would make me a liar. Sticking your dick in everyone you want is fun, sexy, and thrilling. But lying is not nice. Lying is where most guys go wrong. They promise they WON’T fool around, then they DO. THAT is spineless and cowardly. They don’t have the balls to risk losing a woman by admitting their polyamorous needs. Cheating IS cowardly. ADMITTING that you’re gonna be boning other women… Read more »
Dear James, Some wouldn’t feel guilt but actually feel pride, and who are the guilty bunch to judge that this is wrong behaviour?  Having a girlfriend and ‘cheating’ the way the above article mentions does in no way make the indulger an unfit person, a coward as you state or incapable of maintaining a loving relationship with a long term partner/wife/husband till death to him or her part.  Instead the indulger is living the life he/she wants.  Why is that wrong to you and who are you to judge what is right. An opinion is one thing that everyone is… Read more »
Would be and should be a dream come true for most people. We only live once and the actual act is exactly that; the act of a penis entering a hole (vagina) in order to receive pleasure. (brainscans reveal an orgasm is comparable to a shot of heroin!) It’s nothing more and nothing less. It astonishes me how ppl say they would feel guilty. I would feel guilty if I grew old and was dying and never fulfilled my life. Opportunities like the one mentioned above (no finding out, no std’s) would be a shame to let pass. Feeling guilty… Read more »

hell yeah, if i could cheat on him i would. i love him wit all my heart, i want to be with him forever.. but i need some excitement. and thats not someting i get often. if i could i would cheat, fer suree.

Madamoiselle L
When My Man and I decided to become mongamous (about 4 or 5 years into our relationship) I made him a promise and he made me one. Only me for him, and only him for me. IMO, it’s the same as what marriage vows are supposed to say. We are married, now, but I think the conscious intention of MAKING A PROMISE to each other is stronger than a lot of people’s legal marriages, looking at the cheating rate and divorce rate in this country. Not that I haven’t been tempted, when that happens, I remove myself from the situation,… Read more »

ive done it before and i regret it so my answer is no


Mari, then those people in ‘controlled, or black-mailed relationships’ should get OUT of them! Duh!! Why lie and cheat? Just get out of the relationship, and save yourself, and others. Cheating just causes pain, for the cheater, and the one being cheated on. And the ‘you only live once’ BS, yeah, live a good life, not a lying cheating life, because you only live once, make it a good life!!