(Relatively) New Product: Trojan Ecstasy Condoms

trojan_ecstasySince we were extolling the virtues of condoms the other day (in light of all the withdrawal hub-bub), we wanted to talk about a new brand on the market. While we often automatically dismiss Trojans as your basic, quintessential (i.e. unexciting) condom, they’ve actually been making real efforts to compete with some of the more revolutionary fits, textures and shapes available today. So we asked Condomania’s CEO, Adam Glickman, what was up with their most recent make, Trojan Ecstasy (we pulled some strings — click here for a special discount link!):

When did the Trojan Ecstasy line hit the market?
Just in the past few months.

Is it designed to feel better for him or for her, or both?
They are designed to feel better for both men and women, although the big benefit really does come for the guys.

How does it work?

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  1. For me these have been a great experience. The base is the same standard width of any standard trojan condom, but the wider width towards the top is what really helps me, as I am thicker beyond my base. I could go for a wider base as well, but the security of this is good. I know other guys like this as well, and while it may not be extremely common, for those that are shaped like this it is a great improvement.

    My fiancee also loves them, she claims it is the best feeling condom for her.

    At the end of the day condoms can be a very personal choice. If a standard no frills condom pleases and fits you, go for it. But for those of us in between standard and Magnum/Large sized, this particular condom is a great fit. While others do exist that I enjoy (the My Size 57mm in particular) these are a great option from Trojan.

  2. I hate these condoms. My husband and I bought a box and they are very uncomfortable which is really funny since they are supposed to be like “nothing at all.” It is almost like he is wearing a plastic bag. Neither one of us like these.

  3. Do people actually have penises like that? Narrow at the base and big in the front? And if they don’t then who would want to have a condom that’s either…

    1) … like a deflated balloon, i.e. to wide in the front.

    2) … an erection killer, i.e. too narrow at the base.

    Weak people. WEAK. Will not be trying that one out.

  4. There are people who would like this, but 1) it’s latex, to which I am allergic (not being able to breathe during sex is definitely a turn off) and 2) the silicone lube. If you happen to have silicone toys, this condom would not work either WITH the toy (as some of us like to keep our toys tidy) or during the act, while you are using your toy at any time after penetration starts. Nothing like melting a goo, $75.00 German engineered sex toy. Also the whole “where does all that silicone from the lube GO, if you have to wash it off with soap and water if it gets on the OUTSIDE of your body” bothers me, when the lube is used inside. I certainly hope Trojan makes it clear on the box that it contains a silicone lube and NOT to use silicone toys at ANY time during the same session of using these condoms. And in a font large enough to really notice, in case you don’t want silicone lube for any reason.

    Why, why, why doesn’t someone make a large sized, NON latex condom?

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