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5 Easy Ways to Talk Dirtier Tonight

Dirty talk can terrify even the most seasoned sexual adventurer—people are afraid of sounding stupid or afraid of like a pornstar… or perhaps they’re afraid of not sounding like a pornstar. But when you break it down, dirty talk is actually much simpler and more approachable than you might think. Here are five easy ways […]

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Sex

photo via flickr 1. A well-designed sex toy can make a fabulous gift. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Just Because Day, whenever. Well, perhaps not if you’ve been on just a date or two — but if you’re in the kind of serious long-term relationship where you’ve met each other’s parents and explored each other’s orifices, then giving […]

Check Out Our New BFF, ArchetypeMe

We’re now writing for the new site, ArchetypeMe. You can check out our articles every week in the Rebel Archetype section. In order to explain what ArchetypeMe is exactly, let’s start with some definitions from the site: Ar • che • type [ahr-ki-type] noun: A universal pattern of behavior that motivates everything we do An Archetype […]