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Top 10 Items to Pack for Summer Vacation (We’re Not Talking Sunscreen)

Don’t waste precious suitcase space on sunscreen this summer vacation—you can buy that when you arrive. But here are 10 items that you probably won’t be able to find at the resort, so pack them for guaranteed high temperatures, no matter what the weather is like. You might want to put them in your checked […]

How to Travel with Your Sex Toys

photo by zieak Ethan Imboden is the founder of Jimmyjane, one of our favorite sex toy companies — their products are sleek and stylish and feel as good as they look. Ethan has also occasionally had his bags searched by TSA agents when flying, so we asked him to share some tips about traveling with […]

How NOT to Spice Up Your Relationship

We’ve been in the magazine business for more than fifteen years, and we are still suckers for those stupid headlines like “537 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life TONIGHT!” We just can’t help flipping to that article while we’re stuck in the check-out line. What if just one of those “guaranteed” 537 tips is neither ridiculous […]

Blog Snog: Why Don't More Women Propose?

photo by jronaldlee Lemondrop: Why don’t more women propose?! Seriously. CollegeCandy: You think guys have it easy when it comes to the dating game? Think again! YourTango: How you can stop a dude from disappearing after you sleep with him. EdenFantasys’ Sexis: The top 10 strangest things people sent the Blogess this month. Consider yourself […]

The Top 10 Signs You’re Reading Bad Erotica

The following Em & Lo article is also published in Sexis, EdenFantasys.com’s magazine: Years ago, we broke our sex-writing cherries at Nerve.com, the online magazine about sex that featured impressive original fiction by the likes of Jay McInerney and Rick Moody. As young, naïve, and underpaid Internet employees, one of our duties included trudging through […]

The Bcurious by Bswish

Bcurious available at EdenFantasys The latest from Bswish, makers of the Bsoft and the Bnaughty and the Bgood, is the Bcurious (whew, that’s a lot of Bs!). And it’s been getting a lot of good reviews all over the web. It’s one of the few clitoral stimulators that’s rechargeable (that cord in the image is […]

How to Reconceptualize Male and Female Genitalia

The following Em & Lo article is also published in Sexis, EdenFantasys.com‘s magazine: So often we focus on the differences between men and women. But we’d do well to consider how alike we are, too — especially when it comes to sexual anatomy. Rather than thinking of a woman’s parts as inferior, miniature versions of […]

Our Toy of the Month, the New G-Ki!

The G-Ki from Je Joue The G-Ki (pronounced gee-kee) is just out recently from Je Joue, the UK makers of another awesome toy, the SaSi. This vibe has got a lot of fantastic features, which is why we’ve selected it as our toy of the month. It’s: Body-safe — It’s made of 100% food-grade silicone […]