How To
5 Better Ways to Express Your Intimacy

photo via flickr A recent survey by Pew Internet and the American Life Project found that one in three teens had shared a password (email, Facebook, etc.) with a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend. Apparently sharing your password is the new way to express intimacy, to prove to your partner that you have nothing to […]

Pop Culture
Super Sketchy But Awesome Condom Campaign of the Week

We’ve all had our share of dubious Facebook friend requests — that regrettable one-night stand you’d almost succeeding in forgetting, your former therapist, your ex, your mom. But what about a Facebook request from your unborn child? A bunch of guys in Brazil were recently friend-requested by babies with their own name, plus the “Jr.” […]

Pop Culture
A GOP Glossary

photo via Flickr Our friend Geoff Rice, a nimble Facebook poster and hilarious bleeding-heart liberal, recently began a GOP/Tea Party glossary in public “Note” form, defining such terms as “freedom”, “immigrant” and “socialism”, and calling for additional entries from readers. Here was our contribution: Pro-Life A belief in and dedication to the sanctity of life, […]

Pop Culture
A Digital, Serialized, Erotic Novella for August

On July 31st we got a press release about “29 Days of August,” a “digital novella of appetites” meant to be read throughout the month of August on “the social networks you already use.” Here’s the scoop: Designed as an accompaniment to the languid, over-heated days of summer, “29 Days of August” follows the adventures […]

Social Networking Leads to Oscar Nominations, Casual Sex

The movie The Social Network scored eight Oscar nominations last week, but that’s not the only way in which social networking, lower case, is scoring. According to a poll conducted by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines (not exactly the ivory towers, we know, but the sex and dating research coming out of there is often just […]

Pop Culture
Was Facebook Created Just to Help a Geek Get a Girl?

According to the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK (in theaters October 1st; we got a sneak preview last week), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg –portrayed brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg — was just trying to prove himself cool when he created the site while he was still a student at Harvard. He was a geek who couldn’t get […]

Dear Em & Lo
Your Call: Trust Issues That Are 20 Years Old

Dear Em & Lo, I dated a guy 20 years ago for about 8 months and he recently found me online. We broke up originally because of me, I was 19 and really thought that I was in love with the guy I cheated on him with. I had a child with the guy I […]

Dear Em & Lo
Your Call: Facebooking the One That Got Away

photo by mangpages Dear Em & Lo, When I was 18 I walked away from the first love in my life. He has been the man that I based all other relationships on. Recently, thanks to Facebook, we have reunited as friends. We email and text and met for lunch once. We are both married […]

A Post-Coital Tweet Is the New Cigarette

A new study has found that 36% of people under the age of 35 Tweet, text, or check Facebook right after sex. For the over-35 group, that figure drops to only 8%. Are we totally giving away which side of the 35 dividing line we are located on when we say, Seriously, people? That’s really what you […]

Facebooking the One That Got Away

photo by sixeight A recent article in the NY Times magazine addressed the Faulknerian aspect of the “undead past” on Facebook, while asking what the 25 million Facebook users under 25 could possibly be doing on there: “What do they have to look back on?” Because one of the primary reasons to log onto Facebook […]