Pop Culture
The Top 10 Celebrity Facebook Status Updates (We Wish Were Real)

photo by Julio_Enriquez Thanks to the technological marvel that is Twitter, we don’t have to wait until Us Weekly hits the newsstands to find out how John Mayer is taking his most recent breakup with Jennifer Aniston. “This heart didn’t come with instructions,” he Tweeted on Monday. Deep shit. And then Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted […]

Personal Essays
25 Things You Probably Didn’t Need to Know About Em & Lo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their mother is posting those “25 Things About Me” lists to their Facebook profiles. Yes, they’re an exercise in vanity, but we’re having a vain moment, so we thought we’d (over)share. 1. We met 10 years ago this month. It was BFF […]

Introducing Twitter Sex… Because Text Sex Is So 2008

photo by coreforce We have to admit, reading Violet Blue’s article on Twitter sex made us feel a little out of it. And, okay, a little old. We have a Twitter account because someone told us we should sign up, but we’ve never actually “Twittered” and we’re not sure we ever will. So we think […]