Buy a Sex Toy, Plant a Tree

If you forgot to celebrate Earth Day this past Sunday, Black Label is giving you until May 31st — from now until then, this online sex toy retailer with a fabulous no-phthalates policy (which stocks only items from our favorite quality manufacturers, like Lelo, Fun Factory, and We-Vibe) says they’re committing to planting a tree for every rechargeable […]

Celebrate Earth Day with Sex Toys!

Fun Factory’s rechargeable Delight What better way to celebrate Earth Day today than to experience those earthly delights that come from safe, environmentally friendly sex toys? Just remember what eco-qualities to look for when choosing your party stick: Safe materials: You want toys made from non-toxic, non-porous, hypoallergenic, medical-grade, pure materials. Avoid phthalates at all […]

Time Freaking Magazine Covers Green Sex Toys

Earth Angel Hand-Powered Vibe Damn it! Why, or why, didn’t we get off our asses and pitch Time the “Sex and the Eco City” piece in this week’s issue? It’s all stuff we’ve covered before!, on this site and in our 2006 book Sex Toy: An A-Z Guide to Bedside Accessories — but that was […]

Jimmyjane’s New Iconic Vibes

Jimmyjane’s “Usual Suspects” line of iconic vibes As far as good ideas go, this one is right up there with sliced bread and TiVo: 1) Take the best, most popular vibrators that ever existed. 2) Make them out of hygienic, non-porous, phthalate-free material (unlike all their knockoffs). 3) Give the vibes a cool design touch […]

The Earth Angel Hand-Powered Vibe

It’s kind of ironic: women turn to vibrators so their hands don’t have to do the work, but with the new Earth Angel vibe you have to hand-crank it to get it to work. Of course, it’s for a good cause: renewable, sustainable energy! And we suppose if you crank using both hands equally, you […]

Cruelty-Free, Lactose-Intolerant Condoms

Glyde Condoms Being a vegan is hard sometimes: going out to restaurants with friends makes you as high maintenance as Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally; stand-up comedy is usually not a career option; and finding a condom made without animal by-products like milk protein is damn near impossible. Thank goodness for Glyde Condoms, […]