Dear Em & Lo – My Boyfriend Talks to His Female Friends Way Too Much

hat from Dear Em & Lo, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over a year, and we have a very honest and loving relationship. While I have struggled with jealous tendencies in the past, I have come to a point where I trust him completely and know he would not ever lie […]

Comments of the Week: Learn to Dance, Men!

photo by tauress We were expecting most of the advice for the “Your Call” post about a guy who doesn’t like it when his girlfriend dances with other guys to focus on jealousy and insecurity issues. But instead you surprised us with some awesome practical advice on taking dance lessons… Why aren’t YOU dancing with […]

Your Call – I Hate It When My GF Dances with Other Guys

image via Sukanto Debnath Dear Em & Lo, I’ve been with my girlfriend for over two years and I still get very upset when other guys ask her to dance. I understand she’s not doing anything wrong, just going out and having a good time. I assume it’s because I’m just very scared of losing […]

Your Call – Why Is My Husband Jealous of My Female Friendships?

photo by tibchris Dear Em & Lo, Following a year of very intensive therapy to deal with PTSD resulting from a childhood of abuse, I’ve emerged whole, happy, and healthy. My husband says I’m a changed woman; more confidant, happier, at peace with myself and my life. In the process of learning to accept and […]

Your Call: Trust Issues That Are 20 Years Old

photo by pasakaru (yes, that’s a dude with a mullet and a pan) Dear Em & Lo, I dated a guy 20 years ago for about 8 months and he recently found me online. We broke up originally because of me, I was 19 and really thought that I was in love with the guy […]

Your Call: How Do You Deal with Jealousy?

photo by rileyroxx Dear Em & Lo, Jealously is the most perplexing emotion that I have ever felt! My boyfriend and I have been dating seriously for six months. He is the one who brought up the idea of moving in together and marriage and kids. All ideas that caught me off guard, but it […]

Conquering Jealousy in an Open Relationship

This past Wednesday we published a thank you letter from a reader who [patting ourselves firmly on the back] benefited from our advice concerning his open relationship. Well, we know that we’re not solely responsible for the success story, so we asked Zac to elaborate on how he was able to banish the green-eyed monster. […]

How One Couple Conquered Jealousy In Their Open Relationship

About 18 months ago we answered a reader’s plea for advice about her open relationship. And then just this week we heard from the reader’s boyfriend, Zac, who told us that the advice totally worked! We’re suckers for a success story, especially when it’s one of our own, so we thought we’d reprint the various […]