Pop Culture
Glamour Publishes Picture of Average-Sized Woman, Hell Freezes Over

Ladies, if you want to feel good about yourself, don’t read women’s magazines. Nothing makes you feel like a fat tub of lard more than page after glossy page of genetic mutants in desperate need of a cracker or two. But in the September issue of Glamour, there’s actually one page that’s making women breathe […]

Erections Just a Bit Too Hard

photo via Filament magazine The brand new Filament magazine in the U.K. calls bullshit on the so-called common knowledge that women don’t like to look. The real problem, they figure, is that women have just never had anything decent to look at. According to their “Female Gaze” mission statement: “From research we’ve learnt that what […]

Personal Essays
Casual Sex Confessions in 5 Seconds Flat

In their hook up issue (Jul 2-8, 2009), Time Out New York launched a new sex and dating section. One fun feature you can access online is called “One-Night-Stand Confessions” where New Yorkers reveal one thing they’ve always wanted to tell a past fling. This being the age of Twitter, these revelations aren’t eloquent personal […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: I Have Zero Sex Drive. What’s Wrong with Me?

Dear Em & Lo, I’m a 23-year old woman in a relationship with a wonderful guy — we’re celebrating two years together this month. We’re pretty serious about each other, but we have a serious hangup:  I have very little sex drive.  I’m not sure if he’s got an average drive or if he’s got […]

Don't Be Caught Dead Reading That

Clever Covers You read the New York Times weekend edition cover to cover; you spice up cocktail party conversation by quoting Proust and Kant; you adore obscure indie shorts on You’re an intellectual who never shies away from metaphysical debates or multi-syllabic words. BUT…you’ve got a deep dark secret: you’re addicted to trashy romance […]

Personal Essays
And My Parents Don't Know I'm Gay? Part 2: Martha

from “Classic Crafts and Recipes for the Holidays: Christmas with Martha Stewart Living” This is the second in a multi-part series by our contributor Anonymous Bosch, a student on the west coast who won’t reveal any more details. Well, except these: I like nothing more than spending a sunny afternoon on the beach with The […]

Ladies: Do You Like Quickies?

Ladies, we’re working on an article about quickie sex and we’d love your feedback! Do you like quickies, and if so, why? How do you compensate for the lack of foreplay? Would you have sex more often if it didn’t always take so long? If so, is there a “nice” or “sexy” way to suggest […]

Ladies, Do You Enjoy Your PS Spot?

photo by CarbonNYC Have you even heard of the P.S. Spot? Well, just beneath a woman’s perineum (that short bridge of tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus) is a tightly packed tangle of blood vessels known as the perineal sponge (hence, the P.S.). Like other erectile tissue, this mass fills with blood upon […]

Ladies: We Still Need Your Orgasm Breakthrough Moments!

photo by ellievanhoutte We’re just finishing up our magazine article on women’s orgasms, and we want to hear a few more stories from you: What happened when you first had an orgasm with a partner, or during intercourse, or with a vibrator…or without a vibrator. Or tell us how you became multi-orgasmic, or how you […]

Ladies: What Was Your Breakthrough Orgasm Moment?

photo by ellievanhoutte We’re researching a magazine article about women’s orgasms, and we want to hear your stories: What happened when you first had an orgasm, or when you first had one with a partner, or during intercourse, or with a vibrator…or without a vibrator. Or tell us how you became multi-orgasmic, or how you […]