20 Naughty New Year’s Resolutions

photo by Derek Purdy Here are twenty totally do-able New Year’s resolutions to improve your love life in 2011. Learn them, live them, love them! Ask for what you want. Keep learning new things. Let go of shame. Be a stickler about safer sex. Go for quality rather than quantity. Don’t hold grudges in your […]

Your Guide to Taxicab Date Etiquette

photo via flickr Everyone knows it’s polite to open the car door for your date — and we hope that everyone knows it’s a nice touch when women remember to do this, too. But what happens if you live in a city where you’re more likely to take a cab? If you hold the cab […]

Redefining Foreplay

photo via Flickr Foreplay is not an obligatory two minutes of making out, it’s not purely physical, it’s not a routine that automatically earns you intercourse, it’s not just for women, and it doesn’t always have to be candle-lit (though florescent overhead lights are never seductive). The idea is to free foreplay it’s traditionally narrow definition. […]

How to Talk Dirty Without Being Dirty

photo via Flickr A lot of people refuse to talk dirty because they are afraid of sounding stupid (see this week’s Wise Guys about what NOT to say in bed). But you don’t have to say things out of character, throw around more four-letter words than Gordon Ramsay, or speak in pornographic detail in order […]

Post-Sex Etiquette for the Modern Lover

photo by love janine A good cuddle after a vigorous mating ritual is what separates us from the animals. To suggest that you have personal space issues or are sensitive to over-stimulation after you’ve had your orifices intimately explored is downright rude. A minimum of fifteen minutes of quality embracing/back tickling/hair tousling is in order, […]

The 5 Rules of Making a Move on Someone Who’s Taken

photo by pasakaru So you’ve met that perfect someone, the man or woman you suspect could be the illustrious “One” — but they’re inconveniently dating someone else. How do you plead your case? First, are you absolutely convinced this person is your soul mate? Because if you’re just in it for the sex, then stealing […]

How to Bench a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

photo via UCLA’s bench tales To “bench” someone, romantically speaking, is to put them in relationship limbo without telling them. Let’s say you have a sneaky feeling that you might want to break up with your partner soon, but you’re not 100 percent sure, and in the meantime you don’t want to screw things up […]

How to Survive a Blind Date in 6 Easy Steps

photo by paris_corrupted The blind date is alive and well, thanks to online dating and well-intentioned grandmothers. But what if your blind date turns out to be a loud talker with halitosis and a goiter? Given the odds, it’s amazing that otherwise intelligent beings ever agree to a blind date. Call it hope triumphing over […]

How to Plan a First Date

Given how much it takes out of a person simply to approach a stranger at a bar, let alone get their number or ask them out, it seems unfair that you’ve then got to plan the perfect date, too. Unfortunately going to Disneyland isn’t usually a viable option — and neither’s Dollywood, which is too […]

Sensual Holiday Gifts for That Special Someone

Boa Pleasure Ties from With a love interest, socks just won’t cut it when it comes to holiday gift-giving; it’s nice to give a present that shows you consider them a sex god/goddess. But don’t give something that’s obviously a present to yourself, like polyester butt-floss lingerie that may look good to you but […]