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Naked News: Men Visit Sex Workers for Companionship

We have a dream that one day, people will deal with sex rationally and reasonably. Sure, we know that everyone loses it a little when they’re head over heels in lust — but we’re talking about something much deeper and more ingrained and more screwed up. Like orthodox Jewish men blurring their glasses so they […]

Naked News: Love Is In the Air, From Scotland to North Korea

Okay, so maybe love is a strong word for the North Korean dictator’s marriage. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors? In Scotland, doors might be opening for gay couples who wish to marry. Which is pretty much the last country we would have expected it from (except maybe North Korea… and Iran… […]

Naked News: How STDs Lead to More Foot Fetishes

photo via flickr Squid have sex for three hours, STDs can cause a rise in foot fetishes, Domino’s Pizza wants you associate date rape with extra cheese, and Charlie Sheen likes to tweet during sex. Welcome to an edition of Naked News guaranteed to make you feel like your sex life is vanilla — and […]

Naked News: How Sex Research Explains Pretty Much Everything

photo via flickr We have a love-hate relationship with sex research — on the one hand, we think it’s incredibly important to study how and why we do (or don’t do) what we do when the lights go out. But on the other hand — well, a lot of this research can be a little […]

Naked News: One More Reason Cheaters Suck… Unsafe Sex

photo via flickr This week Conan apologizes for a trans joke but unfortunately no one apologizes for genital whitening products, Olympic gender testing, or rape as a plot device to “strengthen” female characters. And we think that everyone who ever judged open relationships as “slutty” should apologize — it turns out that “monogamous” cheaters are […]

Naked News: The Karma Edition (Starring Herpes and Adultery!)

photo via flickr Used to be you could lie about your genital herpes or cheat on your wife on a plane without anyone paying too much attention. Let’s give thanks to the information age for bringing some good old-fashioned karma back into the picture! A new strain of gonorrhea is growing resistant to antibiotics. Awesome! […]

Naked News: Gay Marriage Wins Over X-Men But Not Catholics

photo via flickr This week, support for same-sex marriage hits an all-time high in the U.S., with even Colin Powell and the X-Men getting on board! But it’s going to take more than a sort-of vow by Angelina and Brad to get the rest of the country on board. Support for same-sex marriage hits high […]

Obama Makes Us Proud, North Carolina, Not So Much

It’s all gay news all the time this week — there’s some good news, some bad news, and some plain old ugly news. As Marc Maron tweeted, NC = Nation’s Closet. Holy shit holy shit holy shit Obama endorses same sex marriage!!! And Romney reminds us that he’s still against it. Fuck fuck fuck North […]

Naked News: Brain Scans Show Why We Can Resist Everything Except Temptation

Sometimes sex is a private matter, and other times, as we see in the news this week, it’s intricately tied to politics, money, technology, your cellphone records — even local parking regulations! In a ground-breaking move, the government rules that transgender people are protected from bias in the workplace. Why “family values” should mean regulating […]

Naked News: Virginity, Sex Ed, Homophobia, and Revenge Porn

photo via flickr New research shows that boys are becoming more romantic and more careful — more like girls, some people might say — when it comes to their first sexual experiences. But just because your first time is candle-lit, doesn’t mean you should trust each other with nude photos… Sociological research shows boys are […]