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Naked News: The HPV Edition

poster via We’ve been writing about sex and sexual health for more than a decade, and HPV still makes our heads swim. It’s such a complicated subject — complicated further by the emotional and political climate surrounding the vaccine — and guidelines on HPV seem to be constantly changing. It’s been in the news […]

AZ Law Would Let Employers Insist Women Use Pill Non-Sexually Only

photo via flickr This week, research showed that men become “cognitively impaired” when around women — even if they just think they’re around women. So does that explain why Utah and Arizona broke out the crazy? Proposed new Arizona law would would allow an employer to request proof that a woman using insurance to buy […]

Naked News: Gay Marriage, Artificial Wombs & Zac Efron’s Condom

photo via flickr This week, Zac Efron manages to distract us from the fact that the pope thinks he knows more about sex than we do. And also from the fact that for every two steps forward — yay Maine; yay ass-kicking working mothers — there’s always, somewhere, a step back. (We’re looking at you, […]

Naked News: Smiling Is Nature’s Botox

Smile! Not because it’s not that bad (it probably is that bad), but because it makes you look younger. Porn star Sasha Grey reads to elementary school kids, parents are pissed. Fun with street corner posters: a response to a fundamentalist Christian protester on the UT Austin campus. Ha! Nooooooo! Gay penguin couple being separated and forced to mate with […]