Poll: Is This Shit For Real?

We got the following letter of enquiry via our site this past weekend, from a guy claiming to be in a long distance relationship with the love of his life, who’s now trying to crowdfund a trip to see her so he can propose. We’re suckers for a good love story, but we ain’t buying […]

Comment of the Week: On Men and Cheating

“I am a man, young, full of testosterone. [I] run, surf, box and practice Tae Kwen Do. I do not accept that explanation about testosterone being culprit for cheating. That is the excuse of the imbecile, the boorish and the mentally retarded.” — James, commenting on the poll “Would You Cheat…“

Dear Em & Lo
Can a Marriage Survive a Consensual Third Party?

We know that a helpful answer to this question goes deeper than a multiple-choice poll, so we encourage you to cast your vote and then leave your advice/war stories/encouragement for Maybe Baby in the comments section below. Dear Em & Lo, I hope you can help me and my wife with our problem.We have been […]