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Phrase of the Week: Sex Nerd

photo via flickr We pride ourselves on knowing all the sex lingo — and where there isn’t lingo for something we’ve observed in the world of sex and dating, then we make it up ourselves. For example, three terms we coined in our book Rec Sex: An A-Z Guide to Casual Sex are benched (the […]

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A Woman’s Handbag Is a Relationship Litmus Test

photo by *clairity* For a single woman on the make, a purse doubles as an overnight kit: Her Fendi baguette will easily hold condoms, lube, toothbrush, spare undies, lipstick, business cards, gum, cellphone, and, if she was once a Girl Scout, a penis ring (“Be prepared!”). And, of course, if she’s out with a group […]

Word of the Week: Schrodinger’s Date

photo by Southern_Foodways_Alliance Okay, so it’s technically two words, but “Phrase of the Week” just doesn’t roll off the tongue in quite the same way. Anyway, “Schrodinger’s Date” is something that feels kind of like a date but may be more accurately described as a period of hanging out as a prelude to fucking. Even […]

Browser Beware: Google Goggles

Google goggles are the rose-tinted glasses through which you view a new paramour after an exhaustive Internet search on them yields very impressive results: a book written in the Amazon top 100, a library wing named after them, a gorgeous portrait taken by Herb Ritz, a Pulitzer, etc. You might do this after a particularly […]

Top 6 Casual Sex Bloopers

photo by demi-brooke Actually, the term we prefer is “play d’oh!” (exclamation mark optional). A few of our favorites: Bleating “I love you” on a one-night stand, right as you climax. Crying right after you climax (especially common after ex sex). Accidentally drunk-dialing your boss’s cellphone instead of your ex’s — and tuning out during […]

5 Types to Avoid in Relationships

photo by Rob Gale Last week we told you about 5 Types to Avoid in Bed; here we present five types to avoid going steady with… The Umfriend: Someone who always introduces you as an acquaintance of nebulous status, as in, “This is my…um…friend.” Your companion may suddenly downgrade you from new girlfriend/boyfriend status to […]

Do You Have Good Playdar?

photo by robstephaustralia Playdar is the casual sex equivalent of gaydar: when your sixth sense tells you that the person you’re dry-humping on the dance floor will be more than amenable to your dirty suggestion, whether that’s joining you and your partner for a threeway, dressing up in a leotard and leg warmers and riding […]

5 Types to Avoid in Bed

photo by kennymatic The Fucksimile: Someone you sleep with simply because they remind you of (or are as close as you’ll ever get to) someone you really want to sleep with. Little lambs, this will only lead to heartbreak. The Donna: Someone who acts as if a roll in the hay with them were season-finale […]