How Different Are Girls’ and Boys’ Brains?

It’s a favorite question of ours…okay, of mine (i.e. Lo’s). And my personal answer is that yes, there are differences, but not as many or as great as our culture likes to assume or presume. And that bias we have as a society actually influences the development of boys’ and girls’ brains (which are elastic) […]

Study Links Sex with Animals to Penile Cancer

photo via flickr No, seriously. We know this sounds like something straight out of The Onion, but a team of urologists in Brazil actually studied this. One theory on the connection is that sex with animals could cause micro-injuries to the penis, which are a well-recognized risk factor in the development of penile cancer. You’d […]

Benevolent Sexism? Not So Much

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately — or watching the soon-to-canceled TV show Playboy Club — so-called benevolent sexism is doing or saying nice things for sexist reasons. Killing them with kindness, as it were. For example, holding open a door for a woman (when you don’t do it for men), or […]

The Coolest Presentation of Sex Survey Results Ever

Lists of survey percentages can feel so blah on the page — even when they’re about sex. Not so anymore! Introducing The Sexualizer 1000 — an interactive visualization of the 20-question sex survey results of 1000 Brits. (And the fact that it’s about UK citizens only makes it slightly less interesting). The Sexualizer, an offshoot […]

Study Shows Active Parenting Reduces Testosterone in Men

Guy A: How are things going with your new baby? Guy B: Oh, you know, that’s pretty much Amy’s deal. We swear to god, this is an exact transcript of a conversation that took place between a friend of ours and one of his college buddies. Sure, it’s an extreme example, but it’s not an […]

New Research Shows We Still Have No F-ing Clue About the Female Orgasm

photo via flickr The female orgasm is a mystery, and not just in that how-the-hell-can-I-make-my-girlfriend-climax kind of way. Scientists just can’t seem to figure out what it’s there for. The most recent theory — popularized in the 2005 book The Case of the Female Orgasm — was that it was just an accidental evolutionary by-product […]

Why Is Sex Fun?

The Discovery Channel is in the middle of airing a series called Curiosity. Current and upcoming episodes include “What Sank the Titanic” and “Is There a Parallel Universe?” Not sure how we missed the last one, “Why Is Sex Fun?” hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal. We couldn’t find any upcoming airings listed in our Tivo, but you […]

Naked News: Jim Carrey Confesses Love to Emma Stone

Kind of funny but mostly creepy: Jim Carrey confesses his love to Emma Stone via online video. Speaking of weird celebrity confessions of love, Sinead O’Connor is apparently into anal and on the prowl (is this just some weird performance art project of hers? One hopes). Study shows pick-up artists techniques work to pair-up like-minded men and women […]

The Media’s Pornification of Women

Here’s a fascinating but not all that surprising study from the University of Buffalo: they recently analyzed more than 1,000 images of men and women on Rolling Stone covers over the course of 43 years (they chose Rolling Stone since it’s a well-established, pop-culture media outlet) and found the following: In the 1960s, 11 percent of […]

Masturbation Study Provides Material for the Lovers AND the Haters

photo via flickr A recent study published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine looked at the masturbation habits of American teenagers (age 14-17) — and the results are likely to please both the self-lovers and those who think that adolescent boys and girls should be forced to sleep in mittens to keep […]

Comment of the Week: More on the Orgasm Gap

image from nDevilTV Clandestine, commenting on a study that showed women orgasm about 80% as often as men do in close relationships but only 32% as often in first hookups: I’d suggest that a broader explanation [for the orgasm gap] may be that our definition of sex is very intercourse-focused, and we conventionally define sex […]

Study Shows Infidelity Gender Gap May Be Closing

photo via flickr Studies have long shown than men cheat more than women — and not just in politics, either. As recently as the ’90s, research showed that 10-15% of women reported being unfaithful. But new research out of Indiana University in Bloomington (home to the esteemed Kinsey Institute) finds that this gender gap may […]

Survey Shows Philly Residents Do It the Least, Enjoy It the Most

We’re often asked what’s “normal” when it comes to sex frequency, and we always decline to answer — we hate to use the word “normal” when it comes to sex, period. That’s something that you’ve got to figure out on your own time, and we refuse to judge you (unless you like to do it […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Wednesdays Are the Best Night to Get Laid

photo via flickr In a recent article for the New York Times, statistician Nate Silver hooked up with OkCupid’s Nate Rudder to determine which day of the week is best to meet someone at a bar. They came up with something called the “sexual availability index,” and found that you’re most likely to get laid […]

Naked News: Sex Jokes at the Office Can Cause Depression, Slacking

photo by Flickr Sex chat at the water cooler can lead to depression and low productivity, study finds. A Florida boy is pulled from class for wearing high heels. Massive study details top ten Internet sex search terms. Let’s hear it for MILFs and cheating wives Read the rest of this post on SUNfiltered

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo, Is Every Woman Capable of Female Ejaculation?

photo of Old Faithful by Chuck Martin Dear Em & Lo, So last night my wife experienced one of her orgasms from G-spot stimulation and, as is usual for her, did not ejaculate. In fact, there is never really a detectable increase in her lubrication during orgasm. I was wondering if this means that she […]