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Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: How Do I Deal with People Who Confuse Sex Educators with "Sluts"?

photo by soundfromwayout Dear Em & Lo, I’m a student activist/organizer at my university, and I’m involved with a student peer-education group (Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators), as well as Students for Choice.  While I enjoy talking about sex, and many aspects of it, especially on a political basis (e.g. how can we support HR […]

Sex Ed, Obama Style: We Can't Hardly Wait!

photo collage by Lew57 There are a million and one reasons we’re giddy with excitement that Obama takes office today, and here’s just one: We are so ready to kiss abstinence-only sex education goodbye. Or at least, the federal funding for it. We know there’s no guarantee that Obama will turn off the faucet on […]