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KEGEL WEEK: How To Do Kegels (for HER)

  Yesterday we went over the anatomy of your genital muscles and introduced you to the man who invented Kegels. Today, we instruct you, ladies, on how to actually do the strengthening exercises. (Guys, you’re up next.) The following is excerpted from our first sex manual, The Big Bang: KEGELS FOR HER Not only do defined […]

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KEGEL WEEK: An Introduction to Your Pelvic Floor Muscles (Meet Mr. Kegel)

  The following is excerpted from our first sex manual, The Big Bang: We don’t care if you’ve never been to a gym in your life; you simply must work out your pelvic muscles if you want to consider yourself sexually fit. Don’t worry, you won’t break a sweat. You can even start working them […]

KEGEL WEEK: Ladies-Only Poll — How Often Do You Kegel?

Ladies, how often do you do your Kegel exercises? RELATED ARTICLES FROM Everything You Wanted to Know About Kegels But Were Too Lazy to Ask Men-Only Poll: What Do you Know About Kegels? How to Do Kegels (for HER) Kegels for HIM Dear Dr. Vanessa, What’s Up with Kegels? Dear Dr. Joe, How Do […]


  We’re dedicating this entire week to the love, care and workout of your pelvic floor muscles — the body parts of both men and women that, if healthy and strong, can really turn your sexual experience up to 11 with better blood flow, increased libido, more sensation and more intense orgasms. You know, the […]

What's Up Doc?
Dear Dr. Kate: Why Does My Vagina Taste Bitter Sometimes?

Dr. Kate is an OB/GYN at one of the largest teaching hospitals in New York City who answers your medical questions here once a week. To ask her your own question, click here. Hello Dr. Kate, My question is about the taste of my vagina. Both from what my boyfriend has said/his reactions and my […]

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The Final Word on Vajazzling?

photo via flickr When Jennifer Love Hewitt went on Conan recently, he asked her about vajazzling — the act of adorning one’s genitals with crystals — and she responded,  “It makes you feel saucy, and I don’t know, it’s kind of fun to walk around and just think that nobody has any idea how shiny it […]

Poll: Vulva or Vagina?

photo via Flickr Which clinical term do you prefer for a woman’s external nether regions: vulva or vagina?

The Vaginagate Roundup

In case you missed it — in case you were wondering why all your friends were using the word “vagina” in their Facebook status updates over the weekend — late last week two representatives (both women) were banned from speaking in the Michigan House during a debate over a bill that bans all abortions after […]

Comment of the Week: This Woman Needs a Group Hug!

photo via flickr Reader Jane wrote the following in response to our post “10 Reasons Your ‘Ugly Vagina’ Is Normal and Gorgeous.” Will you, our loyal and kind readers, please set her straight? Will you please reassure her that (a) masturbation and sexual activity do not cause your labia to turn dark and poke out […]

Comments of the Week: All the Responses to Our Labia Article

photo by robbie_jim A few days ago, we got this comment in response to the Wise Guy piece “Do Men Care What Labia Look Like?” and all its comments: Amy Lee Says: May 19th, 2012 at 4:57 am e Well,I have large labia and I was hoping to get some assurance from all these men that have […]