Blog Snog: 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t TOTALLY Cheesy

  Your Tango: 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Totally Cheesy The Frisky: 10 Superficial Questions Every Woman Wonders At The Gynecologist Pop Sugar: All the Sweet and/or Sexy Movies Coming Out in 2014 Nerve: People Aren’t Having Sex Nearly As Much As You Think How About We: The 10 Most Romantic Starbuck Locations in the World 150 […]

Blog Snog: Your Relationship Is an Oscar Movie (in GIFS!)

Pop Sugar: Your Relationship Is Basically a Movie (in GIFs of Oscar-Nominated Films) The Frisky: Beyoncé Pens An Essay For The Shriver Report: “Gender Equality Is A Myth“ YourTango: 7 Science-Based Secrets to a Happy Relationship Nerve: Gynecologists Designed a G-Spot Vibe That Supposedly Gets You to a ‘3rd Level Orgasm’ How About We: Bravo’s New Show About […]

Blog Snog: Everything Science Taught Us About Sex in 2013 Everything science taught us about sex in 2013. Pop Sugar: How the world kicked off 2014. How About We: The best possible dating site profile pics, according to science. The Frisky: Why having a gay best friend is mandatory. YourTango: Going to school to learn…how to orgasm better. Nerve: The best Netflix movies that […]

Blog Snog: The Wives of Nelson Mandela (+ the “One” That Got Away)

Your Tango: The wives of Nelson Mandela (plus the secret “one” that got away). The Frisky: Letting go of celebrity body comparisons. How About We: Everything “The Princess Bride” can teach you about love. Pop Sugar: Romantic Xmas cards that are better than mistletoe. Nerve: Nude models manipulate bodies to be both sexy and unflattering (NSFW).

Blog Snog: The Thanksgiving Edition

The Frisky: “A Thanksgiving wish list for my future partner.” How About We: 10 hilariously awkward meet-the-parents stories.  Pop Sugar: 5 reasons to be grateful you’re single this Thanksgiving. Nerve: What not to do with your food during Thanksgiving prep. Your Tango: The best Black Friday deals for couples (or as we like to call it, Buy Nothing [Except Our […]

Blog Snog: “Love Actually” Is Actually Not a Good Movie

How About We: The Xmas classic “Love Actually” is actually not a good movie. Nerve: Unable to live up to your grandparents’ epic love? The Frisky: 8 technological sex interruptions that totally ruin the moment. Your Tango: Are you guilty of “the baggage dump”? PopSugar: An interview with the maker of “Unhung Hero,” a cockumentary which asks […]

Halloween Blog Snog: Which Costume Is Worse?

  The Frisky: Help decide who’s the winner of  the “WTF?! Halloween Costume Battle.” Nerve: Last Halloween’s greatest Missed Connections. YourTango: Vote NOW for the best couple’s costume. How About We: Internet-meme costume-ideas for couples. PopSugar: The best Halloween cards from 150 Shades of Play: Top 10 timely Halloween costumes for couples.

Say Amything
Confession: My Husband Has No Penis

Amy Bronwen Zemser — “writer, squirrel hunter, breastfeeder, homosexual” — just launched her new, provocative blog, We have the honor of publishing an abridged version of one of her recent hilarious posts about coming out, homophilia, and cases of mistaken sexual identity (read the unabridged version here). Enjoy! *** I’ll tell you a secret. I […]

Blog Snog: Is the Surprise Marriage Proposal Dead?

Nerve: Is the surprise marriage proposal dead? The Frisky: Don’t panic! Six other things it might be besides an STD. YourTango: 5 little words that will heat up your sex life. PopSugar: 4 sexy fall films. How About We: Relationship lessons to learn from Johnny Appleseed. 150 Shades of Play: Kink things up this Halloween.

Blog Snog: The 12 Best Dates in Fiction

How About We: The 12 best dates in fiction. Your Tango: Win a vacay in this couple’s Halloween costume contest. The Frisky: The smaller the balls, the better the father. PopSugar: Big love lessons from Harry Potter. Nerve: “I’m addicted to mediocre sex.” 150 Shades of Play: Get freaky for Halloween!

Blog Snog: Top 10 Historically Scandalous Images

Nerve: Top 10 historically scandalous images that are no biggie now. The Frisky: The 5 pros and cons of dating a co-worker. YourTango: 10 lessons from terrible first dates that actually happened. How About We: “I didn’t change my name after my marriage & neither should you.“ Pop Sugar: Outdoor date ideas for the end of […]

The Video We WISH We’d Made: “HBO Should Show Dongs”

College Humor’s original short this week “HBO Should Show Dongs” (below) was made for us: it’s got puns (“We’ve got a boner to pick”), it’s dominated by funny women (usually you get only one token funny chick in bits like this), and it’s all about equal opportunity objectification! The very nature of HBO practically requires […]

Blog Snog: Why Are Men Still Paying for Dates?

photo via flickr Nerve: Why are men still paying for dates? The Frisky: The new video series Date-Ade. YourTango: A detailed history — in timeline form — of the condom.  How About We: 7 reasons to date someone who is unemployed. Pop Sugar: The dos and don’ts of seeing your ex — in GIFs! 150 Shades […]

Pop Culture
Tips on Technique & Taboos for Your Archetype

Our next installment of Bedroom Tips for each archetype on ArchetypeMe — the community site which tailors content and products to individual personalities — is out now! Part 1 of this series was on Seduction; this next part is on Satisfaction, wherein we give each of the 10 archetypes 3 tips on techniques and taboos specifically suggested […]

Blog Snog: Hot Summer Movies to Stream NOW

PopSugar: Steamy summer romances to stream now. The Frisky: What to do when the sex dies. Nerve: The books you should read if you want to get laid. How About We: You fall in love. It takes them years to catch up. Does it matter? YourTango: Your top 12 questions about pregnant sex answered. 150 Shades […]

How To
The 10 Archetypes of Sex

Since we’ve been writing for the new community site ArchetypeMe, which tailors content and products to individual personalities, we had the pleasure of helping them out with their new ArcheGuide on Bedroom Tips. It’s a five-part series which gives specific sexual advice for each of the ten archetypes. (After all, Rebels aren’t the only ones […]