The Body Deli

Out in Palm Desert, California, there’s a body-product shop called the Body Deli that’s set up like a real deli. Refrigerated cases hold many the fresh scrubs, masques, and hair products. The “cosmetic chef” mixes all the products in the store in small batches — using lots of local, organic ingredients like fresh fruits, veggies, and natural plant oils (Organic yogurt, fresh green papaya, juicy blueberries, spirulina, manuka honey and grapefruit) — before packaging them in recyclable containers. Many of the products are shipped across the country on ice and in a reusable cooler bag. They all come with an expiration date and are good for about a year. If you or someone you knows like to pamper their biggest sexual organ — the skin — these prods make pretty cool gifts.

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The Tahitian Vanilla is my favorite! Maybe I should try the Spanish Fly. Maybe I’ll get lucky like Mr. Darby.

Olivia Darby


My wife and I love using the SPANISH FLY body oil when we have date night. The funny thing is that our date nights use to be Thursdays and or Fridays. Now thanks to the SPANISH FLY body oil date night is Wednesday through Sunday. I’m truly a lucky man to have her and The Body Deli.

Madamoiselle L

It looks like a wonderful place! This fall (and into the winter) My Man and I are thoroughly into body products, massage oils and candles, soaps etc. The more natural the better. I could live in a store like this. 🙂

I wish they had a store near us so I could browse and smell the products.