The Museum of Broken Relationships

museum_of_broken_relationships_teddy_bearYou know that soft, worn, concert t-shirt you’ve been holding on to that was left behind by that asshole who broke your heart with a meat cleaver? Well, now you have a chance to get rid of it once and for all, to make a clean break — and the best thing about it is that it will be in the name of art! The Museum of Broken Relationships collects the leftovers of relationships gone wrong, items loaded with the memories and significance and sadness of their previous (anonymous) owners: fuzzy handcuffs…a wedding dress…an, um, axe. Founded in Croatia and currently touring the world, the Museum is scheduled to return to North America in the summer of 2010 (potential stops include St. Louis, MI, Providence, RI, and Toronto, Canada). That gives you a year to wean yourself off that T for good, since the collection picks up new items wherever it goes.

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  1. Perhaps the pile of CDs I still have from all my musician ex-boyfriends could provide a soundtrack to this touring exhibition? I’ve got both mix CDs they made for me, and the demos they shopped around as they tried to, unsuccessfully, start their own careers. Frankly, I think the museum folks would prefer the former.

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