The Vaginagate Roundup

In case you missed it — in case you were wondering why all your friends were using the word “vagina” in their Facebook status updates over the weekend — late last week two representatives (both women) were banned from speaking in the Michigan House during a debate over a bill that bans all abortions after 20 weeks, with no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother. The Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas hasn’t specified exactly what offended him, but one of the representatives, Democrat Lisa Brown, claims it’s because she used the word vagina. “Apparently, ‘vagina’ is another v-word that Must Not Be Named. Like Voldemort,” Brown told Jezebel.com. Here’s a (very abridged!) sampling of Vaginagate coverage:

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I will certainly follow your link.. Thanks.

Johnny, I have a longer comment with links that went to moderation. The short answer to the “why they wait” question is that women who have later abortions tend to be poorer and couldn’t get the money together for an earlier abortion, are younger and didn’t understand that they were pregnant or didn’t know where to go for help or discover serious fetal anomalies during testing that is done at 20 weeks. When my comment gets posted, I really hope you’ll follow the link and read the interview with the doctor. The whole thing is very informative. As for safety,… Read more »
This interview with a doctor who performs abortions up to 24 weeks gives a candid and compassionate answer to the “why do they wait so long” question. Typically, the women having second trimester abortions are women who learned of serious fetal anomalies during testing that is only done at 20 weeks, who developed serious health problems that don’t develop until later in pregnancy, are very poor and couldn’t get together the money earlier in the pregnancy, are in abusive relationships, or are so young or ignorant about sex that they didn’t understand that the changes in their bodies meant they… Read more »
V-word ridiculousness aside, I have a question about the actual legislation at hand. They’re not talking about banning abortion. They’re talking about banning abortion after 20 weeks. That’s 5 months. My first question is, why the hell would anyone wait that long? But I guess that’s none of my business, so feel free to skip right over that question and move on to my next one. My real question is, when does abortion cross the line from pretty much safe to realistically hazardous for the mother? I know absolutely nothing about the medical science behind this, but I can kind… Read more »