3 New “SenseMotion” Vibes from LELO

It’s always fun when something truly innovative comes along in the sex toy industry. Remember the first vibrating egg women could use internally? Or the first vibrating love ring worn by men during intercourse? Or the more recent We-Vibe worn by women during intercourse? Those all had a pretty high wow-factor when they first appeared on the scene.

Now our friends over at Lelo, one of our favorite “pleasure object” producers, have taken those three designs and given them a new twist with motion-sensor technology (the kind of thing in smartphones and video game consoles) that allows their vibrations to be controlled by the movement of a wireless remote control (that works up to 39 feet away!).

Check out the promotional “mood shot” above. See the hint of an enigmatic Mona Lisa smile on the woman’s face? That’s because she has a secret: while she and her man are dressed to the nines out and about on the town, she’s wearing a quiet egg vibe internally and he’s controlling its sensations (i.e. vibration speed and intensity) with that little hand-held remote control, either by pressing its buttons or — better yet — with a simple tilt, shake or sweep of the hand (that’s how the “SenseMotion” works). And since the remote control mirrors the vibes he’s creating, he can feel what she’s experiencing.

So allow us to introduce you more formally to the three members of Lelo’s new SenseMotion Insignia line:

Tiani – A couple’s massager worn by the woman during intercourse to provide extra clitoral stimulation for her and extra sensation for him. The silicone is super flexible for comfort.

Oden – A love ring worn by him that adjusts to all sizes.

Lyla – The naughty egg massager we guessed was hiding in the pretty lady above, that can also be used externally by the couple.

All three toys are waterproof, rechargeable (though the remotes require two AAA batteries), and come with a 1-year warranty. Before these hit the shelves, Lelo beat their own record for number of pre-orders. They’re available now at Lelo.com and other retailers.

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