Top 10 Summer Lovin’ Movies

It’s getting hotter,  clothes are getting skimpier, work load is starting to ease up, and everyone’s minds turn to summer lovin’, either the future potential or the past nostalgia of it. So here are some great movies about summer love and lust to help get you into the spirit of the season. Click on the images below to view the trailers from each movie…

1. Body Heat

2. Adventureland

3. The Man in the Moon

4. Bull Durham

5. Dirty Dancing

6. Summer of 42

7. My Summer of Love

8. Tuck Everlasting

9. Stealing Home

10. Summer Lovers (not a good movie, but how could we not include it on a summer love list? It’s called “Summer Lovers”!)



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Because they keep posting it. Once a week, every week.


Why does this keep coming up on my RSS feed? At least once a week, every week for almost a month!

Miss Mar

Hmm, the only movies I would see as getting into the mood for the summer is the classic Dirty Dancing and for some reason Tuck Everlasting.