What Made Your Marriage Fail?

Are you separated, divorced, or on your way there? If so, we want to hear from you. (We promise complete anonymity!) We’re working on a new project about happy-ever-afters… and not-so-happy-ever-afters… and we want to interview couples, over email, about the thing that caused their marriage to fail.

If you’re interested in sharing your story anonymously — it’s a chance to vent, or to put it all down for posterity, or to help others avoid the same pitfalls — then send us a message via our contact form here. And we’ll tawk!

Oh, and if your marriage is a gloriously happy one? Or at least reasonably satisfying? No discrimination: We want to hear from you, too. Again, anonymity is guaranteed. Just send us a message via our contact form here.

Thanks, as always, for sharing…. and over-sharing.


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What made our marriage fail? We did. I grew up in a family that was hostile and abusive toward me, so I suppose it’s no surprise that I would end up marrying a man who was hostile and abusive toward me throughout the course of our marriage. I had spent several years in intensive therapy before I met my husband, sorting through painful childhood issues, so I thought I was sufficiently healed to begin a family of my own. What I failed to see at the time was that my husband had grown up with a father who was hostile… Read more »

I have been divorced twice, and have been single again for 8 years. The marriages ended for different reasons but the thing they have in common is me. I’m still trying to figure out what I could/should have done differently to make my part better.