What You Need to Know About the Stupak Amendment

There’s been a lot of self-congratulatory back-patting around the House’s passing of the Health Reform Bill this past Saturday — but it’s come at a huge price. The Democratic Congress pretty much abandoned women’s reproductive rights by including the last-minute Stupak-Pitts Amendment to appease some religio-conservative members of Congress, including several male conservative Dems. Don’t be fooled: it’s not just simply ensuring that there will be no federal funding for abortion care (which was already in the bill) — it goes much further. According to Reproductive Health Reality Check:

  • It effectively bans coverage for most abortions from all public and private health plans in the Exchange (i.e. the reformed health insurance market)
  • It includes only extremely narrow exceptions (rape, incest) and excludes cases where the health but not the life of the woman is threatened by the pregnancy, where there are severe fetal abnormalities, etc.
  • It allows for a ridiculous and useless abortion rider, which means women would have to buy stand-alone coverage for a completely unexpected event (who plans to have an abortion?!)
  • It allows for discrimination against abortion providers

Abortion is a safe and legal medical procedure that’s currently covered by 87 percent of employer plans and that one in three women will go through in their lifetime. This bill, passed with pressure from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (hello, separation of church and state?), will unfairly take away this necessary coverage and financially penalize women. We should be able to get health reform with a public option without throwing women under the bus — and we can do this if we speak up. Please call on Senate Leader Harry Reid to stop this abortion-care ban.

For a lot more important information on how dangerous and destructive this amendment is, check out these resources:

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Madamoiselle L

Bettyboo, I just read what I wrote in November and realized I left out a single word and it changed the entire meaning of my post.

I accidentally said, “Also, it has been proven that “young girls” use “abortion” as a form of birth control.” I MEANT “It has been proven that most “young girls” DO NOT use abortion as a form of birth control.” Sorry.

Madamoiselle L
Marie, I am so sorry that happened to you. However, it appears you let yourself be manipulated into the abortion, thus eliminating the idea of “Choice.” But, a number of studies have shown that “severe emotional distress” after an abortion is indeed quite rare. (Reagan’s Surgeon General quit because Reagan wanted him to “prove” that abortion caused severe emotional stress and depression in most or all women, it COULDN’T be proven and the man was pushed out of his position, because he wouldn’t LIE for Reagan.) Yes, it happens some of the time, usually in women who have a propensity… Read more »
I was just wondering, since the topic of cost to raise a child rather than abort was brought up, if anyone took into account the cost of treating the women who end up with emotional and mental issues after their procedure? Specific case: at one point, I was pregnant. The “father” and I were in an on again off again relationship. We both had jobs, both had health insurance. He, however, stated that not only was he not ready to be a parent, but that if I aborted the baby, he and I would get back together. So I had… Read more »
I seriously doubt that, given the opportunity to access any other form of contraception, anyone would use abortion as form of birth control. In the UK we have free contraception for anyone as long as you get it prescribed by a doctor or a from a family planning clinic which is something I’ve taken for granted through my adult life. The essential lack of free healthcare in the US looks, to an outsider, really deeply shocking, especially given you must be one of the richest nations on planet. I can’t conceive of having to make decisions about drugs I or… Read more »
Madamoiselle L

Elizabeth I have never heard of an insurance company paying for cosmetic surgery in any form. Also, it has been proven that “young girls” use “abortion” as a form of birth control.


Abortion takes a life, no matter the circumstances. In this country it is a felony to destroy an Eagle egg, but it is not only legal, but potentially subsidized, to take a human life in it’s most vulnerable state. I think we need to seriously re-examine our priorities.

Okay, look. I have to be honest, I don’t particularly like the idea of my tax dollars going to pay for some 17 year old to go out and sleep with whomever she wants and use abortion as her form of “birth control”. I personally am pro-life, but that’s also just extremely irresponsible behavior. (Condoms aren’t that expensive.) However, I do understand that there are instances (such as rape, incest, increased risk to the life/health of the mother)that are totally out of the woman’s control. I believe that those situations should be covered by the woman’s insurance, whether it be… Read more »