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5 Comments on "Poll: What's the Best Age for Parents to Teach Kids Sex Ed?"

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I’m pretty sure I’ll be terrified to even bring it up with my own kids. I voted 6-8 was a good age even though I felt like 9-10 would be better. However I went to school with a girl who had a baby at 11 so I know it’s happening earlier and earlier and I want my kids to be comfortable asking me whatever they need to as soon as they need to. And even though my dad had somewhat of a “talk” with me, I know what I was out doing when my dad thought I was spending the… Read more »
I don’t agree with a wait until they ask policy – I never asked. I was terrified my parents would think I’d already done something. I ended up finding out in an “unorthodox” manner. My niece asked her first question before she could talk – she pointed at her genitals and looked at me. I told her the name of what she was pointing to and said she was a girl and that’s what girls have. She then pointed at mine (I was wearing clothes), and I said I was a girl too, so I had the same just like… Read more »
Missy G.

That was a perfect comment! When it comes time to embrace that discussion in my own future family I will remember your approach. Having an open and ongoing conversation about sexuality will ensure that a child doesn’t feel shame or embarrassment about their own sexuality. By using this method we are raising children that are mature, accepting, have a strong understanding of the importance of sex and how to make positive choices regarding it.

Madamoiselle L
Sex education for children begins when talking begins. Children are naturally curious, and things like saying, “Your Papa and I loved each other so much we made you together (and your brothers and sisters) as part of our love.” As children learn the parts of the body (my kids started with eyes and mouth at about 6 or 7 months of age) it easily progresses to fingers, toes,arms, legs, butt, Yoni or vagina and vulva, Penis, testes, etc. These are normal parts of the body, which children are interested in, and they WILL touch them and they should know the… Read more »

I’m a fan of the “wait until your kids ask, and then respond to their questions in an age-appropriate manner” approach. This includes talking to your toddler about masturbation and privacy once he or she reaches for her/his knob/button at bathtime.